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48 Crypto Exchanges Approved By Philippines Central Bank, 11 by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP)
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Philippines gets a breath of fresh ‘crypto-air’ as 48 cryptocurrency exchanges get approval
48 Cryptocurrency Exchanges Now Approved in the Philippines
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Philippines are Aiming to Boost their Blockchain Development
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Indonesia, Russia, Philippines and India among countries whose citizens actively support budding crypto-projects
Ripple Executive: Mexico, Philippines Lead the Way for Demand in Cross-Border Remittances
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Philippines government partners with blockchain company
The Block Crypto
Mexico, Philippines are very large receive side countries when it comes to remittances, claims Ripple executive
SendFriend Unleashing xRapid For Faster And Cheaper Payment To The Philippines
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Philippines Central Bank Warns Of The Risk Of Increasing Cryptocurrency Adoption
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Philippines Says Crypto Is Used for Wrongful Purposes
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Philippines Central Bank (BSP) Puts Out Fresh Warning About the ‘Dangers’ of Crypto Investing
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Philippines Central Bank Warns on Risks of Growing Cryptocurrency Use
SendFriend confirms remittance service to the Philippines, Charles Hoskinson on Cardano’s future and more
Ripple: xRapid-powered remittance service to The Philippines will go live this month, confirms SendFriend
Philippines Digital Asset Exchange (PDAX) Receives Financial Support from BitMEX and ConsenSys
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BitMex Ventures Invests in PDAX, Increasing Activity in the Philippines
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BitMEX funds Philippines-based crypto-exchange PDAX, aims to harness ‘transformative potential of cryptocurrencies’
BitMEX Ventures Invests in Crypto Exchange Licensed by Philippines Central Bank
Bitmex invest on pdax exchange philippines 🤔🤔
15:11 26 Jun
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48 Crypto Exchanges Approved By Philippines Central Bank, 11 by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP)

Cryptoexchanges have been having a good run along with and powered by the Bitcoin bull run. Most regulators are approving or have plans to look into the operations of these firms. In the latest instance, the Philippines has approved the licenses of 48 cryptocurrency exchanges in ...
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