Finrazor API

Our API allows you to get news for almost any crypto topic, and its mention frequency.


  • any asset
  • any ICO
  • companies
  • influencers
  • countries
  • exchanges, converters, wallets
  • funds, mining pools
  • DApps, and other technologies

Current list is here, and it is updated daily.

Request access

You can request an access to the GraphQL API by sending us email to

Response types

List of topics:

  • type
  • name
  • description
  • mention frequency for 1 day
  • mention frequency for 1 week
  • mention frequency for 1 month

News for a chosen topic:

  • title
  • intro text
  • date
  • main image
  • link to the news source
  • source SVG icon

See ICO news on ICORating as an example. They request the list of ICOs and provide news for all their ICOs.

Custom APIs

Drop us an email with your requirements.

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