‘Our key goal is to keep you abreast of everything happening in the crypto industry as quickly and reliably as possible.’
– Finrazor team

Finrazor is aimed to help its users make informed financial decisions. Its goal is to become a one-stop-shop place for both data consumers and providers, offering tools to collaborate and communicate for all the members of the crypto community from private investors to data providers.


We analyze 186 media sources in real time and place each news into the according key subset of the cryptoindustry, namely:

1d/7d/1m, on a daily basis, we’re monitoring the instances of assets’ mentions in media sources and analyzing the dynamics of the changes. So it becomes possible to track the most discussed technologies and to identify key industry influencers — in an objective and tangible way. Thus, with the help of the ‘Trending’-tool, you can check and watch major trends in the industry and always be aware of the most significant moves. During the 1d change % calculations, we take into account the difference between the number of mentions of the asset for the last 24 hours and the average number of its’ mentions during the previous week.

News Influence Score

News Influence Score (NIS) is an indicator reflecting an anomalous surge or decline of public interest in a given asset. For calculating it, we take into account such indicators as:

  • price
  • 1h/24h/7d price change, %
  • 24h volume
  • 24h volume change, %
  • mentioned count
  • mentions change, %
  • media source reaction score
  • media source influence score
  • media source originality score

NIS takes values from -5 to 5 with 0.5-gradation.
The most anomalous burst is a value ranging from 3.5 to 5.
The higher the media attention for an asset is, the higher marks its NIS hits.
The least abnormal decline is considered to range from -3.5 to -5.

The least abnormal decline shows the loss of interest in an asset. A negative score means a lack of interest for the asset-in-question during the last 7 days. The lower the actual interest is, the lower NIS falls.

For your comfort, we’re reflecting the NIS value via a blue line on the 7d price and volume chart for every asset.

Deciphering table values

Influence is based on speed, the scope of audience, reactions, etc.


9 — a highly popular person, official source or platform enjoying great attention;
8 — same as previously stated, but reaching a less extensive audience;
7 — widely known platforms or influencers;
6 — still popular people or platforms with a high level of originality;
5 — general information, reaching a huge audience;
4 — general information, getting pretty much of attention;
3 — general and not so extensive, but a consistent source;
2 — lacking originality or consistency;
1 — the source seems to have ceased to exists.

Productiveness (Speed)

5 — extra fast, 3-4 posts a day;
4 — sometimes extra fast, sometimes a post a day;
3 — a post a day;
2 — few posts a week;
1 — irregularly, posting monthly.


A — exclusive info, own materials;
B — own materials plus general news, reported but elaborated news;
C — mainly reported news, general tech analysis.

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