$60 Million Gone Without Anyone Realizing It

$60 Million Gone Without Anyone Realizing It

Zaif, a Japanese government-approved cryptocurrency exchange, recently reported a hack of 5966 BTC ($37 million). Additionally, the company also suspects withdrawals in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and MonaCoin (MONA) which takes the total damage to $60 million.

After detecting a server anomaly on 17th September, an investigation was set up which indicated suspicious activities that dated back to 14th September. It was found that a hot wallet was indulged in illegally withdrawing BTC, BCH, and MONA between 17:00 and 19:00 on the same day.

More than $40 million of the total loss was suffered by the users while the company faced a dent of $19.6 million. The server of the exchange has been killed for the while to prevent any further losses and will be revamped once the security is brought on track.

The $70.3 million company with a trading volume of $55.6 million (in the last 24 hours) was established on 16th June 2016 and had gained strong roots, especially in Japan. But, considering the tremendous loss that had incurred it is hard to say what comes next for Zaif.

While the company sought an apology from its users and has called for help from the Financial Service Agency, there has been a mixed reaction from the users; some of them showing their support to Zaif and the others criticizing it for recognizing the glitch three days after it had already occurred.


8,744 USD


437.73 USD


1.09 USD

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Coinspeaker Square Outsources for Designers to Bring about a ’Bitcoin For Everyone’ CryptocurrencySquare, Inc., the Silicon Valley-based financial services, merchant services aggregator, and mobile payment company has relayed its intention to outsource for designers who could develop a “Bitcoin for Everyone” termed Square Crypto. Jack Dorsey endorsed project seeks recognition from both dApp developers and a wide range of users’ clientele.The payment processing and social media mogul speculates that well-established user experience would go a long way to be the major driving force for crypto widespread adoption. Postulating further Dorsey stated:“Unlike traditional design roles at cryptocurrency companies, this is a chance to focus on establishing the long term design vision of Bitcoin. You will work within the Square Crypto team and engage the broader open source developer community in order to make tangible forward progress toward this vision.”The idea, however, remains that just because the medium of transaction has high usability does not guarantee swift endorsement. Maintaining the fact that if a crypto token such as ‘Square Crypto’ with the capability of been accessible by all is designed, only then, would more and more people be interested in trying it out.Adding to this, it is pertinent to note that ‘Square’ is not in any way alone in this campaign to ensure that viable user experience is of utmost importance. As an integral part of the Square Crypto team, would involve working with a group of seasoned dApp developers as a Bitcoin PM. With an entire protocol – FIO – been designed to make wallets more usable and interoperable, Square Crypto is has decided to include design into its native core, so as to proffer designers with ample opportunity to structure the way Bitcoin would attain mainstream enactment.Developers’ RequirementThe Square Crypto’s ’Bitcoin For Everyone’ developer role is ideal for designers who possess the following features:Bitcoin Proponents with a heightened enthusiasm to supervise the design methodologies that would directly boost the Bitcoin’s utility over an elongated period of time.Passionate about growing the design and development community by inspiring other developers towards contributing to open-source Bitcoin. Active participant in the production of design presentations, deliverables, copies, redlines, mocks, and assets.Possesses an in-depth understanding of the inner workings of Bitcoin.Believes in the convenience and versatility of Bitcoin as a global digital currency with a prospective futuristic approach.Square Outsources for Designers to Bring about a ’Bitcoin For Everyone’ Cryptocurrency

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