A Comprehensive List of Dapps Catalogs

A Comprehensive List of Dapps Catalogs

Probably, this is the most extensive compilation of all dapps aggregators and targeted lists so far

One of the most discussed topics of today is dapps. The issue seems controversial: from evidence in their failure (researches say that ‘86 percent of ETH dapps had zero users today — and 93 percent had no transactions.’; and the Ethereum ecosystem is definitely at gunpoint) to that it is too early to judge and dapps need some more time to thrive.

However, there is a wide range not only of dapps per se but different lists of them as well. We made a comprehensive catalog of dapps lists:


  • dapp.com — a comparatively new list of dapps, yet the most elaborated one so far. It embraces products built on Ethereum, EOS, Steem, NEO, and Tron blockchains.    
  • stateofthedapps.com — is one of the oldest dapp lists. Contains Ethereum, EOS, Steem, GoChain and POA -powered products.
  • dappradar.com — not as extensive as the first one, but offers a wide range of products on Ethereum, EOS, and Tron.
  • dappfight.com — another option; its unique feature is news and rating for given dapps.  
  • dappworld.com/en/dapps — a list of Ethereum, EOS, Nebulas -based applications.
  • app.co — this portal has an ‘App Mining’ offer. It is an App.co and the Blockstack join initiative. This is not the very ‘mining’, but an incentive for the dapp developers: they can make benefit from creating the best applications — and the dapps list, in its turn, becomes better categorized by industries.
  • dapplist.cointelegraph.com — a list of dapps by Cointelegraph. It contains Ethereum-based dapps primarily. It also features protocols (0x, etc.), which is not accurate.
  • ratingdapp.net — another rather extensive, but not top-notch accurate list with dapps on Ethereum, Tron, and EOS.

A reminder

Any aggregator may feature inaccurate data and contain outdated information. In part, you may find inactive or unfinished products there; most likely, those were planning to create a dapp during their ICO campaign, but haven’t succeeded yet.

Targeted lists


dappstore.link — a list of Ethereum-based applications, unofficial.


eosforum.org/t/eos-dapp-collection-31-listed-currently/309 — the EOS community doesn’t have a specialized platform for EOS dapps listing, but the dapps thread in one of the most popular one on their official forum.


tron.app — the most comprehensive list of Tron-powered dapps. Wow, we even managed to find some collectibles there (so, not only Ethereum has them).


qtumeco.io/dapps — a list of Qtum-powered applications.


ndapp.org — a list of NEO-powered applications.

Related resources

alicedapp.com — a platform ‘to build native mobile apps on top of a cryptocurrency wallet.’


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