A 'Planned' 51% Attack on Einsteinium (Update)

A 'Planned' 51% Attack on Einsteinium (Update)

A tweet by Jackson Palmer, a technologist, YouTuber, and Dogecoin co-founder, pointed out that somebody will initiate a 51% attack on Einsteinium Foundation

According to Palmer, the person has two objectives for doing the attack:

  1. To prove how easy the attacks are.
  2. To teach people the inner workings of such attacks for potential future mitigation.

Explore the discussion, with source links on Y-combinator News.

About Einsteinium

Einsteinium Foundation is a non-profit organization with its cryptocurrency Einsteinium (EMC2) as its source of funding. It grants financial support to scientific research projects that aim to push the boundaries of human knowledge and understanding for a more stable future.

  • EMC2 is ranked 240 with a market cap of $17,381,857.
  • The coin was initially priced at $0.002513.
  • It is currently priced at $0.08096.
  • It has granted science-focused projects about 16 million EMC2 coins to date.

Cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex has delisted EMC2 last September 21, 2018.

(Updated at 10:15 UTC)


0.04250 USD 0.52%
0.00001158 BTC 0.52%
Volume, 24h
491,521 USD
9,347,501 USD
< 0.01%

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