A wise man once said, one simply cannot predict the unpredictable

This week, the entire community is following the rates jumps with a shudder of heart. Watching all that closely, we picked up a bunch of interesting tweets

  • @officialmcafee: ‘What caused this decline?
    Confusion. The embarrassment of public brawlings. Fear from institutions who took absurdly unenforceable measures to allay their fears. Uncertainty in the minds of traders. But mostly ignoring the implications of a massively growing base of Crypto users.’

May 2018 will be the last time we ever see #bitcoin under $10,000

  • @muneeb: ‘Crypto is extremistan. We can’t predict what will happen; even historically cyclic markets have no guarantees of bouncing back. The tech, however, gets 10x better every cycle. Scientific progress is not cyclic, speculation is.’
  • @bobbyclee: ‘This bear market might last another 18+ months, until the next block reward halving. That’s a long time for everyone except true believers. Enough time to scare away all of the weak long positions. Especially those on margin or those on the fence!’

Centralized coins which can control their own inflation at will (Ripple, e.g.)  will appear to do better during bear markets because they can simply shut the faucet off. However this centralized control completely undermines the point of cryptocurrency in the first place

@lawmaster: ‘Four months left to be correct. I present you the Bitcoin price predictors’


3,499 USD


91.53 USD

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