Andreas Antopolous Calls for Compassion, Patience, and Respect

Andreas Antopolous Calls for Compassion, Patience, and Respect

Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast host, Andreas Antopolous, appeals to the crypto community for patience and kindness in the midst of the disquieting market downturn

The market begun plummeting last week, and people are panicking. Podcast host and Mastering Bitcoin author, Antopolous, gives a level-headed advice to the community.

On a question whether it is the time to sell, Antopolous replies that decisions have to be based on an individual’s situation instead of on ‘authorities’. As for him, he will continue to invest in technical skills and educating those who are interested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

The Very Bearish Market

BTC is currently priced at $4,549, down 14.98%. ETH is at $135.54, down 13.84%. Other digital assets are also seeing red. XRP is down 8.39% and LTC is down 15.47%.

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