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BCH Microblog ‘Member’ Shows the Future of Reddit-Like Forums

Since the Bitcoin Cash upgrade in May 2018, software developers have unleashed a slew of microblogging protocols that utilize OP_return transactions. One application called Member is a BCH-based browser that makes use of these types of transactions and the extra space added to the data carrier size. While still in its infancy, the Member platform has matured into a censorship-resistant Reddit but with geolocated posts, reputational ratings, and native BCH tipping. Also Read: At Least 19 Central Banks Give Way to Monetary Easing As Economy Slows The Member Client Continues to Grow Years ago, Reddit was an interesting online place that allowed many groups to connect, share news and content, and discuss in a forum-like atmosphere. These days, Reddit is synonymous with mass censorship and deplatforming as the corporate entity has banned a variety of subreddits this year. The crypto community caught wind of Reddit censorship last year when the company removed the subreddit /r/darknetmarkets. Reddit users can’t even trust the company’s founder and CEO Steve Huffman who was forced to apologize when he got caught altering pro-Trump related thread comments. Reddit censorship has increased significantly in recent years. Bitcoin supporters have seen severe forms of censorship on the subreddit /r/bitcoin as the owner and moderator Theymos and his minions deleted thousands of comments from visitors and suppressed the conversation during the block size debate. Last May, a former moderator who worked alongside Theymos told’s podcast host Matt Aaron how he was removed from the group of administrators after he failed to toe the line. Censorship like this has driven the BCH community to foster censorship-resistant microblogging communities like Memo. In tandem with Memo, another application called Member could push the Reddit-like forum concept to new heights using the BCH chain. Member has been around for some time now but the application has matured a great deal since reported on it last year. The application’s creator, a developer called Freetrade, describes the platform on Github, calling it a BCH blockchain browser. “It reads and allows users to create actions in the Memo/Member protocol — The client is an HTML5/JS BCH blockchain browser app with no outside js dependencies and it can be run from a website, or from a local file system,” Freetrade’s Github repo details. “Currently it connects to the Member server to get content, and uses Bitbox to get utxos and broadcast transactions.” Member treats topics like subreddits Getting Acquainted With the Member App In order to use Member, you need to have an account with the social network and microblogging app where all posts are permanently recorded to the Bitcoin Cash chain. You can sign up for Memo here and it’s a good idea to fund your Memo wallet with a small fraction of BCH so you can post on and the Member platform as well. To access Member, go to the website and press the “Login” tab at the top right side of the screen. You can also sign up directly from the Member Login page by pressing the “Create New Account” tab. Creating a new account with a Memo private key. Member will tell you to connect your wallet address to get started so you can post. After pressing “Ok,” Member will direct you to a page that shows your new BCH address so you can send a small fraction of funds. If you already have an account or started by signing up for using the link mentioned above then Member asks you to paste your Memo private key (compressed WIF format, starts with ‘L’ or ‘K’) into the Login window. After these steps are complete, you are free to explore the Member app but also to create posts, upvote, tip people BCH, and initiate a geolocated post. Creating a new account without a Memo private key. To create a new post on Member, simply press the “New post” tab on the upper left side of the user interface. The platform will open a window that allows you to customize a new post with a title and text. You can also post a memorandum or post directly to the feed. After creating a post, other Member users can reply to the thread just like a traditional Reddit post and they can “like” the post as well. Moreover, you can be tipped bitcoin cash as Member offers a native BCH wallet that allows for tipping users. If you observe Member’s main feed, it’s set up similarly to the front page of Reddit and there’s a large variety of threads and discussions hosted on the feed. Additionally, you can check the most recent posts on the Member feed by pressing the “Posts (new)” tab on the upper left side of the screen. Creating a new post on Member. Geolocated Posts, 2,000 Characters, and a Reputation System You can also tether your location coordinates to a custom message using the Member app. At the top left side of the screen simply press the “Map” tab and the website will take you to a map of the world. Like a traditional geolocation map, your browser will ask you if you want to give the Member map your location coordinates so you can get a visual look at your area. The choice is optional but if you do, you can tie a special message to your location that’s written on the BCH chain. Essentially you or anyone can tether a message to any location in the world for less than a U.S. penny at any time. Just click the map with your mouse pointer to select the message location, write it and post it to the Member map. After a few minutes of exploring the Member app’s features, the platform is relatively easy to understand and use. Member users can tie a message to a geolocation from anywhere in the world at anytime for less than a penny per message. Member’s creator Freetrade has been hard at work adding more services to the application like reputational ratings and increased character limits for messages. The software engineer recently made it so Member users can reply with much longer character limits. “Member now allows 2,000 character replies by chaining transactions together — Member also treats topics more like subreddits,” Freetrade told BCH supporters on September 15. This announcement got the /r/btc community on Reddit pumped due to their intolerance of censorship. “Wow, now we’re talking,” a BCH proponent opined after Freetrade revealed the 2,000 character extension. “Reddit is slowly dying because of censorship and abuse from admins — If we could create a decentralized alternative on BCH that would be huge,” he added. In addition to the character extension, Freetrade has introduced a web of trust infrastructure to the Member platform. The new idea allows you to rate other Memo profiles using the Member app by giving them a public trust rating. Freetrade has shown that as the reputation system matures, robust trust graphs could be created. (Right) bootstrapping ratings. (Left) An example of a more mature trust graph initiated by Freetrade’s ratings. There’s been a lot of development within the BCH ecosystem and Member’s improvements have bolstered a microblogging and censorship-resistant Reddit-like experience. As with most peer-to-peer and decentralized blockchain applications, Member needs to gather more users over time. Memo and Member have seen a lot of lively users since they were created and both have grown a great deal. While projects like Blockpress have fallen to the wayside and are now defunct, the Memo and Member apps have remained strong after the long crypto winter and the blockchain split in November 2018. One difference between the two clients is the Memo protocol browses both BCH and BSV blockchains but the Member app only browses the BCH chain. Freetrade continues to work on making the Member client more robust and has put together a list of certain elements of the project he could use help with. What do you think about the Member client? Let us know what you think about this project in the comments section below. Image credits: Shutterstock, Member, and Pixabay. Do you need a reliable bitcoin mobile wallet to send, receive, and store your coins? Download one for free from us and then head to our Purchase Bitcoin page where you can quickly buy bitcoin with a credit card. The post BCH Microblog ‘Member’ Shows the Future of Reddit-Like Forums appeared first on Bitcoin News.
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BCH to the moon? HTC’s Flagship Smartphone Embraces Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) becomes the third cryptocurrency after Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) to come on board with Taiwanese consumer electronics giant HTC. According to reports from the Bitcoin Cash official website, users can now make payments, send, receive and withdraw BCH with the smartphone’s default Zion Wallet. The company also intends to extend this partnership in a futuristic deal with a proposed inclusion of the soon to launch Exodus 1s on its eCommerce store. The Exodus 1s which is currently in the works is set to be unveiled at a later time this year and will cost less than the Exodus 1. Although HTC did not reveal that the Exodus 1s will include the Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH) payment feature, but with BCH included in both smartphones, BTC and ETH are likely to follow suit. The CEO of Stefan Rust expressed his excitement on the fruitfulness of the partnership as he highlighted the many possibilities that could unfold in the future. The company’s executive chairman Roger Ver also shared his enthusiasm for the partnership which he believes will foster adoption amongst millions of HTC users all over the world. As cryptocurrency media gains attention on a daily basis, smartphone companies are beginning to respond to the permanence of this technology, as such, companies with diverse user base are making wallets and Cryptocurrencies a priority in their new release. One of the most recent companies to make this move is South Korea’s leading electronics firm Samsung. In August, Samsung added Bitcoin and Klayton, a Korean owned Cryptocurrency to the Blockchain Keystore; a decentralization shop for Samsung online applications. Back in 2018, the Chinese based firm Huawei Technologies also mentioned that it would include the wallet to all of its incoming devices in its AppGalary app store. In fact, Huawei intends to build a smartphone that supports decentralized applications (DApp). The post BCH to the moon? HTC’s Flagship Smartphone Embraces Bitcoin Cash appeared first on ZyCrypto.

HTC’s Blockchain Smartphone Exodus 1 Will Now Support Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Exodus 1, the blockchain phone created by HTC, is set to receive support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The announcement was made today. The company affirmed that the new function will have the standard wallet of installed. The phone is also set to be sold on as part of the partnership. Phil Chen, the […]
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Bitcoiners Angered by HTC’s Support of Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC has just announced that it is partnering with The move will see its Exodus One flagship blockchain-enabled device feature native Bitcoin Cash (BCH) support. However, many Bitcoin (BTC) proponents are outraged by the announcement. Some claim that the software that HTC will use to provide BCH functionality is not stable enough for such an endorsement and others say that such support will only serve to further confuse newcomers to the industry. Bitcoin Fans Not Pleased With HTC Cosying Up to BCH According to a press release HTC and have signed a deal that will see the smartphone manufacturer feature the BCH wallet provided on the website as a native inclusion on the EXODUS 1 and lower cost EXODUS 1S. In addition, the website will also sell the smartphones directly.’s CEO Stefan Rust said the following of the deal between the website and the smartphone manufacturer: “There are so many synergies between and HTC. We are very excited to be on this incredible journey together.” Meanwhile, controversial cryptocurrency evangelist and BCH advocate Roger Ver added: “’s partnership with HTC will enable Bitcoin Cash to be used as peer- to- peer electronic cash for all the EXODUS users around the world.” According to the press release, all newly purchased EXODUS 1 devices will feature the software as standard. Meanwhile, those already owning the smartphone would need apply an update to receive BCH native support. However, not everyone has greeted the news enthusiastically. Many proponents of BTC have tweeted dismay at the news of the partnership. Twitter user @DanDarkPill encouraged people to let HTC know any reservations they might have about the quality of the software the firm is loading its flagship models with. Echoing their sentiment was entrepreneur and founder of the OC Bitcoin Network, Stephen Cole: Enjoyed meeting your team at @Bitcoinis_ recently, @htcexodus. Please reconsider your choice of wallet here. Most Bitcoiners recognize Bitcoin[dot]com products as scams and guide new users away from them. — Stephen Cole (@sthenc) September 16, 2019 Another user stated that the decision by HTC to provide such support to BCH would result in yet more confusion for those wanting to get started using cryptocurrency. Many people have previously argued that supporters of Bitcoin Cash have attempted to hijack Bitcoin’s brand recognition to pedal BCH. a whole new batch of unsuspecting crypto newcomers messing up bcash with bitcoin, nice htc better get that customer support lines rdy aF — █▒ Hyperbolic_Peter (@pmullr) September 16, 2019 A lot of people greeted the news by simply stating that they were no longer interested in buying the cryptocurrency-friendly smartphone. One Twitter user said that they would be recommending their friends to steer clear of the new HTC device. I will never buy a phone containing a bcash app. I will also point away any friends from buying that phone. Bitcoin(com is a scam website. — zender (@zndtoshi) September 16, 2019 LOL, @HTC is clueless about the space. I no longer want this phone nor will I recommend it to others. Bitcoin dot com wallet is the is the worst bait and switch wallet out there, selling newcomers a fake copy of Bitcoin — Riku Raisanen (@rikuraisanen) September 16, 2019 Although the HTC announcement has certainly ruffled the feathers of many so-called Bitcoin maximalists, HTC still appears supportive of the the BTC community. Its EXODUS 1s device, a budget-conscious version of the EXODUS 1, will feature the ability for users to run their own BTC full node on the device itself. HTC will start shipping the EXODUS 1s later this year.   Related Reading: Gloomy Future For Libra Crypto as Central Banks Pose Tough Questions Featured Image from Shutterstock.   Bitcoiners Angered by HTC’s Support of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was last modified: September 16th, 2019 by Rick D.The post Bitcoiners Angered by HTC’s Support of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) appeared first on NewsBTC.
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Token Swap: Tether Announces Token Burn Of Over 400 Million USDT

Tether has shared a piece of information about a forthcoming token burn which according to announcement would take place shortly. According to a tweet from their official Twitter handle, Tether plans to shortly move 400 million Tether USDt as part of its Omni authorized but not issue pool to the issuance address in order to burn/revoke them. Tether will shortly move 400m Tether USDt as part of its Omni authorized but not issue pool to the issuance address in order to burn/revoke them. — Tether (@Tether_to) September 16, 2019 Tether Minted 300 million USDT Few Days Ago Few days ago, Tether took to Twitter to inform its users that it was coordinating with a third party to perform a chain swap. This was planned in order to convert some tokens from their original Omni to an Erc 20 protocol. At the time of the initial announcement, 300 million Tether USDt was announced to have been minted for the swap. However, these conversions took place few days ago as Tether promised the token swap wouldn’t disrupt the total supply. In few hours Tether will coordinate with a 3rd party to perform a chain swap (conversion from Omni to ERC20 protocol) for 300M USDt. Tether total supply will not change during this process. — Tether (@Tether_to) September 12, 2019 Whale Alert, a twitter account dedicated to alerting the community of big cryptocurrency transactions, noted the coinage described above in a tweet published on Sept. 12. As per a second tweet submitted as an answer to the first one, Whale Alert offered an explanation of the type of transaction: “This USDT mint is part of a swap. The corresponding burn on Omni has not taken place yet.” And finally, Tether is burning the Omni Tether that was already converted to ERC20. Until now, no token burn has taken place on Omni blockchain. In July, it was reported that Tether accidentally minted and burned 5 million USDT tokens. However, Tether long-standing controversy about issues relating to transparency and market manipulation. The post Token Swap: Tether Announces Token Burn Of Over 400 Million USDT appeared first on Coingape.

Zero-Knowledge Proof Solution from QEDIT Implemented Into Kaleido Blockchain For Transaction Privacy

Kaleido, a startup blockchain solution from ConsenSys Venture Studio has gone on record to become the first blockchain platform to implement the zero-knowledge proof solution from QEDIT—the crypto private company. A Non-compulsory Feature On September 13th, 2019 QEDIT shared a paress released with Cointelegraph where it stated that the partnership it had developed with Kaleido […]
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Cryptocurrency Exchange OKEx Korea Removes Privacy Altcoins

According to an official announcement made by the South Korean branch of OKEx, the popular exchange will delist five privacy coins as early as October 10, 2019. Complications for Privacy Coins Trading of Monero (XMR), Dash (DASH), ZCash (ZEC), Horizen (ZEN) and Super Bitcoin (SBTC) on OKEx Korea will be suspended on October 10, 2019,Read MoreRead More. The post by Edoardo Vecchio appeared first on BTCManager, Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News\
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