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Former Helpdesk Bitcoin Propagandist WhalePanda Invests in Ethereum Token

One of the most vocal “critic” of ethereum and ethereum based tokens has invested in an ethereum token (ERC20). Stefan Jespers, known as WhalePanda, has invested close to $300,000 in... The post Former Helpdesk Bitcoin Propagandist WhalePanda Invests in Ethereum Token appeared first on Trustnodes.

Ethereum to Join Hyperledger Consortium as First Public Blockchain

Ethereum is expected to be the first public blockchain to be accepted on Hyperledger once the technical steering committee gives an okay to the adoption of ConsenSys’ Pantheon project. Pantheon Project to be Part of Hyperledger Pantheon, which is created by PegaSys, is a collection of Ethereum-based services that is built on Java. The Pantheon Ethereum client is important in developing enterprise applications that have features such as permissions and privacy. If the proposal, which was sent on August 8, gets approved, the Pantheon project will change its name to HyperledgerBesu, besu meaning foundation ... ﾿ Read The Full Article On Get latest cryptocurrency news on bitcoin, ethereum, initial coin offerings, ICOs, ethereum and all other cryptocurrencies. Learn How to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges. All content provided by Crypto Currency News is subject to our Terms Of Use and Disclaimer.
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33 Cent Ethereum and $100 EOS, What’s Going On At One Crypto Exchange?

The crypto market is highly volatile and assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOS experience wild price swings. On cryptocurrency margin trading exchanges, these wild price swings are further amplified by traders trading on up to 100x leverage. Last night on one crypto margin trading platform, some strange behavior occurred that caused flash crashes and flash pumps across a variety of the crypto assets available for trading on the platform. Flash Crashes and Pumps Galore at BitMax Overnight, BitMax traders were able to load up on Ethereum at a low of 33 cents. EOS, spiked to over $100, and some lucky crypto investors were able to scoop up Bitcoin at a $1 per BTC on the USDC trading pair. Litecoin was yet another asset impacted. To avoid a million retweets, I accumulated all pics into 1 tweet.Looks like @BitMax_Official just became a MAJOR shitshow.$BTC, $ETH, $EOS & $LTC are all exhibiting flash crash/pumps.Anyone on margin using them, are just absolutely #REKT.— < Use this — wolf || 33k-followers-by-december-moku (@ImNotTheWolf) August 23, 2019 While these lucky users felt like they had hit the crypto version of a jackpot, traders on the other side of the trade had sold a $10,000 asset at just a buck. Many members of the greater community that learned of the news were quick to point out that any traders using margin were completely “rekt” as a result. Some believe that the situation is a very real risk when trading using leverage, and those affected got what they deserved. But clearly this isn’t the norm for any cryptocurrency exchange or platform, nor are traders deserving of losses at no fault of their own. Leverage, as defined by Investopedia, as using “borrowed money” to “increase the potential return of an investment.” Margin trading platforms are very attractive to crypto traders. Using leverage crypto traders can amplify their profits – but also losses – by up to 100 times. Combining this with the 20% or more price swings that crypto-assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOS often exhibit, can both be a recipe for disaster and incredible wealth. Risk management is critical to success, but when platforms flash crash or platform instability, there’s sometimes little traders can do to avoid getting “rekt.” Cloudflare and Amazon Web Services to Blame for Widespread Crypto Issues It wasn’t just BitMax that experienced issues last night, although no other platforms suffered the same flash crash and mega pump behavior. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao tweeted about the issues his firm was experiencing due to AWS suffering outages. AWS is having an issue, mostly with caching services, affecting some users globally. We are working with them and monitoring the situation closely. — CZ Binance (@cz_binance) August 23, 2019 The issue stems from an outage in Amazon Web Services cloud solutions. Amazon regularly provides cloud solutions such as DNS hosting and more for a variety of websites and companies related to crypto. Related Reading | Bitcoin to Zero: Bitcoin Price Flash Crashes 99% on BTC/CAD Trading Pair A similar issue occurred back at the start of July with Amazon Web Services competitor Cloudflare. In this situation, Coinbase, CoinMarketCap, and more went down due to an outage at the third-party provider. It’s the service providers that are at fault, but how trading platforms responds and protect users separates the best exchanges from the bottom of the barrel. 33 Cent Ethereum and $100 EOS, What’s Going On At One Crypto Exchange? was last modified: August 23rd, 2019 by Tony SpilotroThe post 33 Cent Ethereum and $100 EOS, What’s Going On At One Crypto Exchange? appeared first on NewsBTC.

Pantheon Project Proposes Ethereum Join Hyperledger

The ConsenSys-backed Pantheon project, which offers a a suite of Ethereum-based services, sent out a proposal in a Hyperledger mailing list regarding the possibility of Ethereum joining the consortium, which would make it the first public blockchain to do so.
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Bitcoin, Ethereum prices fall massively on BitMax as users attribute it to exchange’s low liquidity

Margin trading has taken the cryptoverse by storm lately, with Malta-based Binance recently introducing margin trading for a number of cryptocurrencies on its platform. A number of other exchanges have also followed its lead. However, margin trading comes with a lot of risks, and if there is not enough liquidity on the exchange, whales can […] The post Bitcoin, Ethereum prices fall massively on BitMax as users attribute it to exchange’s low liquidity appeared first on AMBCrypto.
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BitMEX forecasts new crisis, new indexes on Nasdaq, positive adoption news from South Korea, new rules from Localbitcoins, scam app on Google Play, new options for KuCoiners and Coinbase users, ideas as for the potential of credit markets, JP Morgan and the Moshe Hogeg case

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Startups in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, natural integration of crypto into Switzerland's banking system, Jamaica's JSE and securities, more crypto exchanges news: South Korea and Cayman Islands as newsmakers, Malta's MFSA scam 'scanner', fund for blockchain integration in Uzbekistan, Kik against SEC trial

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This week, everyone made a wish about crypto price increase — while we observed the Rothschild vs. Trump scandal, — and surely made some crypto predictions for the New Year

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Donald Trump appoints a pro-Bitcoin Chief of Staff, Facebook hires 40 ex-PayPal members and develops a stablecoin for WhatsApp, cryptojacking cases have risen 40%, Ethereum reaches 50M unique addresses, Vitalik Buterin gives $300K to three startups, the UK releases a new tax rule, OKEx launches Perpetual Swap, Coinbase migrates $5B to cold storage

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India thinks whether to ban or not BTC, Upbit states the importance of crypto regulation, Dutch central bank to regulate crypto companies, Spain is preparing a draft regulation bill, South Korea convenes for debate with seven crypto exchanges, Chile declares that crypto regulation is in progress & other news on regulation

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Bitcoin, Bakkt and Ethereum Classic Headline Volatile Week for Crypto Industry

Coming off one of its worst declines since the 2019 bull market began, bitcoin appears to have found support above $10,000, a psychologically significant level that has […] The post Bitcoin, Bakkt and Ethereum Classic Headline Volatile Week for Crypto Industry appeared first on Hacked: Hacking Finance.

Waves (WAVES) Decentralized Exchange Announces ERC-20 Support

Waves, a decentralized platform building operability for Web 3.0 protocols, has officially announced support for the ERC-20 token standard for projects launched on Ethereum. As per the press release, voting for the first listing occurred last year, and Bancor (BNT) won by a significant margin. As of August 22, 2019, BNT was trading on theRead MoreRead More. The post by Ashwath Balakrishnan appeared first on BTCManager, Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News\
BTC Manager

Ex-Overstock CEO Byrne Talks Timing Of Resignation With Fox, 'Political Espionage'

Former Inc (NASDAQ: OSTK) CEO Patrick Byrne stepped down Thursday after two decades of running the company. His resignation is quite bizarre and includes references to the "deep state" and Clinton family. Hours after his resignation, the executive appeared on Fox Business' "Bulls & Bears" to discuss his decision.  The Timing Overstock held a party Tuesday to celebrate its 20th anniversary, and now is a "perfect time" to resign, as everything is in a "perfect place," Byrne told Fox Business. Most notably, the tZero blockchain business was just voted as a potential winner in the ...Full story available on

One of the Top 100 Coins is Up 220% today. What’s the Deal with it?

A controversial cryptocurrency, RChain is currently showing massive growth in its trading volume. It is ranked 74th on Coinmarketcap with 220 percent growth in the past 24 hours. Zero Trading Volume on Some Exchanges According to the data provided by Coinmarketcap (CMC), RChain (RHOC) cryptocurrency is exhibiting the aforementioned price surge on August 23, 2019. RHOC is currently trading at $0.188 against the US Dollar and has a the market cap of $70,373,643. It is interesting to see that on August 22nd, this cryptocurrency was at $0.057 but it suddenly skyrocketed to over $0.188 on August 23rd. RChain Crypto | Coinmarketcap RChain runs on top of Ethereum platform and is available on 7 crypto exchanges in different trading pairs. Presently, RChain is actively trading on Bitinka, KuCoin, CHAOEX, BitMarket, Bilaxy, Hotbit and CoinPlace cryptocurrency exchanges with a very low 24-hour trading volume. A few exchanges are even showing zero trading volume of the coin. RChain Market | Coinmarketcap Although it is a top 100 coin today, such a sudden spike in the trading volume of a cryptocurrency is unusual it is bound to make the crypto community skeptical. This cryptocurrency was at $2.90 in January this year with the 30th rank on CoinMarketCap. Fishy Behaviour According to the earlier reports, RChain Cooperative claimed that the RChain organization was facing bankruptcy. In early 2019, it was asserted that RChain’s liabilities were exceeding its liquid assets, thereby making it “Functionally bankrupt”. As per another post in April 2019, RChain informed its community that the company suffered a scam. Accordingly, KuCoin exchange (which is one of the exchanges which listed RHOC token) blocked the crypto wallet address of the scammers. RHOC in its blog summarized the scam as follow; “The RHOC being held by the scammers will not be honored upon reaching Genesis”. Th reason behind the coin’s sudden growth is unclear, but it is to be noted that this behaviour is typical of coins that are involved in pump and dump schemes. So readers, what do you think about RHOC’s token spike? Let us know in the comment below Image Source – Chainrock medium blog The post One of the Top 100 Coins is Up 220% today. What’s the Deal with it? appeared first on Coingape.

15% Ethereum Classic Pump Stokes Giddy Altcoin Season Dream15% Ethereum Classic Pump Stokes Giddy Altcoin Season Dream

By CCN Markets: Ethereum Classic (ETC) is currently on a massive bull run this week, increasing its price by 30% in three days. The cryptocurrency continued its surge steadily today, skyrocketing its value by over 15% today. $ETC #EthereumClassic making a bit of a commotion. Is this finally the start of $altszn ? #crypto #bitcoinboom […] The post 15% Ethereum Classic Pump Stokes Giddy Altcoin Season Dream appeared first on CCN Markets Ethereum Classic (ETC) is currently on a massive bull run this week, increasing its price by 30% in three days and by over 15% today.
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