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Why Invest in NGC?

NAGA is a platform designed to usher in the next wave of financial evolution by affording users the ability to invest in and manage a wide range of financial instruments and assets — including digital assets, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and more. At the heart of the NAGA Ecosystem is the NAGA COIN (NGC). Here’s why NGC may be a good addition to your portfolio. NAGA provides the best of both the traditional and cryptocurrency markets by utilizing blockchain technology to offer a decentralized ecosystem where traders and investors may make the most informed, best, and smoothest decisions. It has been successfully constructed in a way which makes access to financial instruments easy for both new investors and the most hardcore day traders. At the heart of the ecosystem is the NAGA COIN (NGC), a cryptocurrency token which provides so much more than just simply being a medium of value exchange. Superior to Other Altcoins Few, if any, altcoins in the cryptocurrency market can rival NGC’s usability, reliability, and brand equity. Backed by a team of leading fintech and financial services experts, and high-profile individuals like Pantera Capital’s Limited Partner Miko Matsumura, NGC has some of the best brains in the business. NGC facilitates a wide range of services in the broader domain of trading and finance which NAGA’s ecosystem provides. Indeed, its application and usability have already been proven — which is more than can be said about the overwhelming majority of cryptocurrencies in the space today. With more ICOs popping up on a weekly basis, the market will only become more and more saturated. The team behind NGC has also remained committed to its dedicated community while continually providing updated infrastructure — such as the NAGA WALLET, which itself offers a one-of-a-kind multi-cryptocurrency gateway. The NAGA WALLET is able to store, transfer, and spend cryptocurrencies in place of credit cards, and NGC holders save 10 percent when paying transfer fees with NAGA COIN. NGC token holders are also able to dispose of any digital asset from their favorite online game using NAGA VIRTUAL — an independent, safe, and easy to use market-platform for virtual goods — and exchange it for Tesla, Apple, and other stocks, before exchanging said stocks for cryptocurrency and fiat with the NAGA TRADER infrastructure. Other key benefits of holding NGC include being able to take advantage of a two times greater copy bonus when other traders copy your trades on NAGA TRADER, getting percentage cashback on trades, and gaining access to exclusive features on NAGA TRADER. Users may also take advantage of the ability to use NAGA CARD — coming out in Q3 of this year — free of charge, and may purchase NGC using credit cards via NAGA WALLET. Fundamental Analysis NAGA COIN is already well-known in the cryptocurrency space as one of the more promising and confident investments. Considering NGC is backed by a functioning and successful ecosystem which provides a whole slew of options for token holders, it’s objectively surprising to see the price where it is currently at. While one should always do his or her own research, it’s possible to view NGC’s current position as a buying opportunity. With the NAGA ecosystem already fulfilling the needs of traders, investors and other cryptocurrency community members — in an easy and cost-effective way — NGC has already proven its worth. Finally, it bears mentioning that the entire NAGA ecosystem is still very much in a growth phase, with no shortage of new features and services set to be introduced soon. It is very likely that said introductions will drive an exponential growth in the community, which potentially makes this an ideal time to become an NGC token holder. To know more about the platform and start investing in NGC, check out the official website here. What do you think of NGC? Do you agree it is currently one of the most well-realized and promising cryptocurrencies in the market today? Let us know in the comments below! Images courtesy of NAGA The post Why Invest in NGC? appeared first on

NAGA Coin (NGC) Now Listed on Bittrex

Earlier this week, NAGA Coin gained a prominent listing on the popular US-based cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex. ‘Another Day, Another Exchange’ NAGA Coin (NGC) achieved new listings on the popular cryptocurrency exchanges Bittrex and UpBit. Following NGC’s listing on the US-based exchange, the token’s price spiked from roughly $0.60 to as high as $1.05 — before natural profit-taking and a continued market-wide downtrend pushed the coin back down to what some may consider a very buyable $0.54. Immediately after being listed on Bittrex, the exchange garnered more than 30 percent of NGC trading volume — with the rest being shared by Upbit and OKEx. The Asian cryptocurrency market has thus far shown significant support for the European-based fintech company. Another day, another exchange! NGC is now listed on @BittrexExchange! #NAGA #NGC #Bittrex — The NAGA Coin (@naga_coin) May 22, 2018 For those unaware of what NAGA brings to the table, the project is a diverse yet unified cryptocurrency ecosystem which offers the world’s first crypto-gateway to trade any sort of financial instrument and virtual good in a secure and transparent way. NAGA currently has a number of big projects in operation, including its NAGA WALLET, NAGA TRADER, NAGA CARD, NAGA COIN (NGC), and several others. The ecosystem is already one of the largest and most fully-realized in the cryptocurrency space. The addition of trading support on Bittrex will only further push the project deeper into the consciousness of mainstream cryptocurrency investors. A Major Partnership NAGA Coin’s listing on Bittrex follows another major announcement from the all-encompassing coin earlier this month. On May 3, NAGA announced a high-profile partnership with Ontology — another one of the most exciting projects in the cryptocurrency market today. The joining of forces is a long-term strategic partnership which aims to effect “significant and powerful change” in the way чbusiness is conducted. Together, the two projects plan to bring high-performance public blockchains to the gigantic financial-technology (fintech) market, along with a series of complete distributed ledgers and smart contract systems. What do you think about NAGA’s continued push towards domination of the blockchain space? Are you excited to trade the coin on Bittrex? Be sure to let us know in the comments below! Images courtesy of NAGA, AdobeStock, Bittrex The post NAGA Coin (NGC) Now Listed on Bittrex appeared first on

What is NAGA Coin (NGC)?

NAGA takes the stress and pain out of managing multiple investment accounts across a multitude of trading platforms by offering a base to meet every cryptocurrency investor’s needs – and it’s all powered by the NAGA COIN. A Unified Platform The way things stand today, banks and financial institutions around the world are in almost complete control of financial access – setting the rules and keeping things far from transparent. Because of this, the amount of liquidity present in the virtual marketplace is stymied, and there’s no unified interface providing access to cryptocurrency marketplaces. However, NAGA – a German fintech company developed by the Naga Group – aims to establish a singular trading platform which will single-handedly facilitate the simple exchange of both stocks and digital assets in a secure and effective manner. Powered by NGC NAGA’s trading platform, as well as its overarching ecosystem, will be driven by the NAGA COIN (NGC). The NAGA COIN is a decentralized cryptocurrency used for both trading and investing in financial markets, virtual goods, and other cryptocurrencies. Because it is used as a unit of account within the ecosystem, NGC is classified as a utility token. Read more about the utility structure of the token in the Medium article published in The NAGA COIN account. All existing NGC tokens were created on the Ethereum blockchain and thus abide by the standard ERC20 protocol through smart contracts. The distribution phase of NGC has already completed, and 77,910,266.15769 NGC tokens were put into circulation. All unsold tokens were burned. It is the creation of this decentralized cryptocurrency that helps solve issues related to high processing fees and transaction charges caused by unnecessary intermediary interference. Everything that happens in NAGA’s ecosystem revolves around NGC. The token may be used to pay fees, act as collateral, and serve as the primary currency for all transactions – making it the main driver of the company’s sustainable economy in which demand is ever-increasing as more users, game publishers, and big-money financial institutions flock to the ecosystem. As noted by the company, additional benefits of holding the NGC token include: Reduced trading fees on NAGA TRADER, as well as on every asset using an NGC account. For example, NGC users will pay 50% less on trading commissions for each trade they perform on NAGA TRADER. Cashback on a per-trade basis performed by NAGA TRADER using an NGC account. Double crediting of copy bonuses on NAGA TRADER using an NGC account. Lower trading fees for every asset listed on Switex. Membership in the Switex Cashback Program. Discounted purchase of ad credits for the Switex and NAGA TRADER AdManager. Community status and free access to paid and premium content. Users also benefit from the digital transformation of the largest industries in the world. Of course, NGC is also seamlessly integrated into the NAGA WALLET, which affords users the ability to send and receive cryptocurrencies by just using a registered email address – thus eliminating the stress that comes with copying and pasting lengthy cryptographic addresses. NAGA WALLET also offers zero fees on internal transactions, an ICO hub, real-time updates on token prices, instant transactions, multi-currency support, and a built-in exchange. If you would like to start investing in NAGA COIN, NGC trading pairs are currently being offered on HitBTC, OKEx, CobinHood, and Cryptology. You can also find out more about the cryptocurrency and its ecosystem on NAGA’s official website. What do you think about NAGA and the NAGA COIN (NGC)? Are you interested in the project’s unified platform and singular cryptocurrency? Let us know in the comments below! Images courtesy of NAGA The post What is NAGA Coin (NGC)? appeared first on
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