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New Viuly Tokens, Smart Contract Address Launching on November 1st

Built for the decentralized age, Viuly is a video sharing platform that breaks the status quo of middleman skimming profits from hard working video artists. Challenging the notion that platforms deserve a portion of a content creator’s revenue, even when they have no role in producing content, Viuly gives creators and viewers their rightfully earned money. This article is provided by Bitcoin PR Buzz Updated Smart Contract and Tokens In order to truly reflect the correct amount of Viuly tokens in circulation, the video sharing platform has decided to update not only the smart contract that deals with the tokens, but the tokens themselves too. The updating will result in better statistics of VIU token and cut off lost/dead tokens from the equation altogether. The new tokens will have the same name and functions as the original so as not to cause confusion among the token holders. How To Swap Tokens Viuly has made it very simple for current token holders to exchange for the updated ones: Users must be connected to the platform through Metamask and linked to their wallets. Head over to In the app, mention the amount of VIU tokens that are needed to be swapped. Press Make Allowance button. System will automatically pick out the sending wallet address to transfer the news tokens to. If users wish to send to another wallet, they have the option to change the address. Click Swap and the contract will send the new tokens. Users who have their tokens within the platform need not worry, as they will automatically be swapped. The above mentioned steps are for users who have stored VIU tokens in wallets not linked to the platform. The swap of Viuly tokens must be done before 1st of November. All tokens not exchanged for updated ones will be rendered useless after the said date. The new smart contract can be viewed here. Massive Airdrop Viuly made waves in the token generation event arena when it bypassed traditional TGE for a massive airdrop of its VIU tokens. In December, 2017, the platform distributed 500,000,000 VIU to over 900,000 different Ethereum wallets. This is the largest ever airdrop in the Ethereum blockchain. The airdrop was a huge success. However, a large number of tokens sent to registered addresses are not in use (Various issues, such as lost private keys and others). This has resulted in a disparity of VIU token statistics. To avoid reflecting inconsistent data and unintentional misleading information to users and investors, Viuly decided to update the tokens and its statistics to reflect a true picture, hence the whole token and smart contract campaign. Viuly has urged all token holders to update their tokens as soon as possible to avoid any issues, since the original tokens will be rendered useless after the expiry date, November, 1st. For more information on the video sharing, blockchain platform, visit their website. Image via Viuly This is a sponsored article, provided by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Bitsonline is not responsible for the products and or services of this company and its clients. This article contains links to third-party websites. Bitsonline is not responsible for the content on those websites. The post New Viuly Tokens, Smart Contract Address Launching on November 1st appeared first on Bitsonline.

Viuly Blockchain Project to Launch New VIU Token Smart Contract Address on November 1, 2018

Viuly, Blockchain video sharing platform has reported that it will change the smart contract address for its VIU token, to give the network a more reasonable account of the number of tokens available for use and dispose of any staying dead tokens. Back in December 2017, the blockchain video sharing platform, Viuly made a remarkable fit for sharing on an ICO to offer their locale one of the biggest at any point recorded Ethereum blockchain airdrops. The circulation occurred in December 2017, amid which 500,000,000 VIU tokens were airdropped to more than 900,000 Ethereum wallets. The Airdrop was a part of Viuly’s showcasing effort, which pulled in an expansive number of new clients, who effectively on-boarded on Viuly while raising the VIU token to an initial position among other ETH20 tokens as far as activities tally. In spite of the achievement of the airdrop, an extensive piece of dispersed tokens was never utilized by latent wallet proprietors, (because of lost private keys and different components) and perhaps never be recovered. Subsequently, VIU token measurements, are conflicting, best case scenario. This situation gives out the wrong impression to planned new interests, dealers, trades and the crypto network. New Viuly Smart Contract Address Coming November 1st, 2018 In a bid to remove dead tokens from circulation, Viuly has decided to change the smart contract address for the VIU token. SWAP on is an official page where all VIU token holders can exchange their tokens to a new token. As from on the 1st November 2018, Previous VIU tokens will be terminated. Amidst this, the new token will perform the same task and functions as the original VIU token. Viuly is certain that this change will be extremely advantageous for the market all in all, and urge every single token holder to trade their tokens previously the due date.  More information can be found on their official site. New smart contract Follow the link below for more information on the new smart contract: The following are the step-by-step procedures on how to change your tokens that are not held in platform wallet:    Link your external wallet to Metamask.    Go to    Proceed to the ‘Make Allowance’ button and Input the total amount of VIU tokens you want to change to a new smart contract VIU token    Input an Ethereum wallet address where you want to receive your new VIU tokens. Then click ‘Swap’ button.    Done! You are now a proud owner of the new version of a VIU token! NOTE: Tokens held on will be automatically changed to the new version on 1st of November 2018, and tokens that are kept outside of must be changed as per instruction above. Learn more about Viuly’s Platform – Follow Viuly on Twitter – Follow Viuly on Facebook – Learn more about Viuly on Medium – VIULY participants in HK trip Igor Glavatskiy – Zahid Ali – Andrei Druta – Contact Email: The post Viuly Blockchain Project to Launch New VIU Token Smart Contract Address on November 1, 2018 appeared first on ZyCrypto.

Blockchain Video Sharing Platform Set to Launch New VIU Token Smart Contact Address: November 1st

This is a paid-for submitted press release. CCN does not endorse, nor is responsible for any material included below and isn’t responsible for any damages or losses connected with any products or services mentioned in the press release. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned The post Blockchain Video Sharing Platform Set to Launch New VIU Token Smart Contact Address: November 1st appeared first on CCN

Blockchain powered Video Sharing Platform Viuly Launches Beta Version

At the dawn of the Internet age, you would be hard-pressed to see the financial benefits that could emerge from the technology. But as time progressed, it became apparent that anyone anywhere could earn money in a diverse range of ways. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article One of the most popular functions of the internet is video sharing; YouTube, Vimeo and the like have become part of daily life for the world at large. Subsequently, the popularity of such websites became of interest to advertisers who could now leverage the billions of hours spent on YouTube every day. Market Saturation and Advertising Revenue Advertising revenue is the main source of income for many content creators on sites like YouTube; it requires a hefty number of views and subscribers for a content creator to begin to make a healthy living from video streaming sites. Furthermore, recent controversies with some of the largest YouTubers caused advertisers and YouTube to selectively ‘de-monetize’ videos depending on their content, this paired with an algorithm doing the work for them meant that innocent hard working content creators got hit the hardest, sometimes reducing the value of their work to nothing. Now YouTubers must work doubly hard to generate advertising revenue from other sources, including video game streaming site Twitch, crowdfunding or selling merchandise. This in tandem with market saturation and the host websites scooping gratuitous amounts of advertising profit from creators has caused skepticism in the community. A much-needed remedy is required; interestingly a blockchain solution by the name of Viuly has taken the challenge head-on. It is a decentralized platform for users and content creators to share and watch videos whilst earning rewards for their usages and interactions on the platform. Content Creation and Rewards via the Blockchain Through the transparency and decentralization that a blockchain network can provide, Viuly is creating a ‘fair and open’ video network. Content creators can sell their premium content, receive donations from users and generate revenue from advertising which pays directly to creators and users alike. The platform utilizes a native token called VIU. The token is used for all transactions on the platform, powering a revolutionary ecosystem between advertisers, content creators, and users. Recently, Viuly released the Beta version of the platform on June 15th, 2018, at 5 pm GMT; the launch was in conjunction with a live stream event that showcased the platform as well as offering users the opportunity to enter a prize draw for the chance to win some giveaway items which includes VIU tokens. Interestingly, Viuly’s new blockchain system has received EUR 150,000 from a blockchain investment firm called Krypton Capital, it’s a solid partnership that can bridge strong connections and ecosystems with companies that will grow together. Forget the third party intermediaries, the scare-mongering from advertisers and video hosting sites, and welcome Viuly, an unrestricted and immediately rewarding blockchain platform built with viewers, creators and advertisers best interests in mind.
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US CFTC Plans to Seek Public Feedback to Better Understand Ethereum Blockchain

The latest report on Ethereum future contract unveiled that the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is looking for an in-depth analysis of Etherum blockchain. In order to improve the commission’s understanding of Ethereum and its underlying technology, the CFTC has announced its intention to publish a respective Request for Information (RFI) with the Federal Register. According to the statement: “The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is seeking public comment and feedback in order to better inform the Commission’s understanding of the technology, mechanics, and markets for virtual currencies beyond Bitcoin, namely Ether and its use on the Ethereum Network.” The Commission has put up a total of 25 questions which include topics such as the impetus for developing Ether and the Ethereum Network, especially relative to Bitcoin; the use of the Ethereum network by the developer community; scalability challenges, if any, of the Ethereum network; proof of work and proof of stake; similarities and differences in the governance of Ethereum and bitcoin networks; introduction of derivative contracts on Ether; and security issues, among others. Notably, one question asks: “How would the introduction of derivative contracts on ether potentially change or modify the incentive structures that underlie a proof-of-stake model?” A number of questions following this go further into detail about how the ether market might impact a derivatives market built on top of it – or vice versa. The CFTC said the comments received will benefit LabCFTC, the CFTC’s Fintech initiative, and help to inform the Commission’s understanding of these emerging technologies.

Unbreakable: Mike Novogratz Remains a Bitcoin Bull in a Bleeding Market

Currently, when crypto believers generalize every Wall Street banker to be a Bitcoin critic, a celebrated hedge fund manager and former Goldman Sachs executive changed his perception. Mike Novogratz is a now a name beyond the mainstream finance, and perhaps among the only consistent voices speaking in favor of bitcoin even after its 80 percent-plus drop this year. The 54-year old financial veteran sat before Bloomberg’s Erik Schatzker recently to discuss how the crypto market crash impacted their ventures and how he remains confident about crypto’s long-term potential. Novogratz admitted being on the losing side, stating that his cryptocurrency merchant bank, dubbed Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd, brought $136 million in losses to its investors when he was raising funds for it. Nevertheless, the crypto crash couldn’t put Galaxy beneath the grounds, and the project was still on its way to – at least – break-even in 2019, he explained. “We’re not nervous; we’re frustrated that our investors have lost money. We’ve got plenty of cash to run the business for a long time. I keep telling my guys we’re a surfer getting ourselves in shape for when the next wave comes, and when the wave comes we’d better be the Laird Hamilton of crypto.” Digital Gold in Making Analysts have continuously argued whether or not bitcoin has a use-case in the mainstream. A majority of them believes that the digital asset’s lower adoption make it an overvalued bubble similar to the infamous Tulipmania from the Dutch Golden age. Investors have entered bitcoin markets on a promise of getting rich quickly, and it is no more stable than a pyramid scheme, i.e., it is all horns but no product. Novogratz, on the other hand, interpreted bitcoin as a digital gold in the making, counterarguing that it is one of the only crypto assets that “gets to be a legal pyramid scheme.” Because, to him, it is the belief that denotes value to a store of value- nothing more, nothing less. “All the gold ever mined in the history of the world fits in an Olympic-size swimming pool,” reasoned Novogratz. “You’re out of your mind to think that pool’s worth $8 trillion. But it is because we say it is.” As a metal, a store of value asset like gold does have plenty of use cases. Most notably, it is a good reflector of electromagnetic radiation such as radio and infrared rays, as well as visible light. Therefore, gold makes an ideal metal when it comes to protecting artificial satellites, astronauts’ helmets and in electronic warfare planes. But, in reality, only about 17% of the mined gold gets used in industrial applications – minus jewelry – while the rest gets stored inside vaults. That being said, the value of gold bullion itself is 83% speculation and 17% use case. Bitcoin, according to Novogratz, strictly possesses such characteristics. “The fact that David Swensen [Yale University’s chief investment officer] put an investment into Bitcoin, with his reputation on the line, his endowment on the line, tells you something. Some of the smartest people in the investing world think it’s a store of value,” Novogratz asserted. Unbreakable: Mike Novogratz Remains a Bitcoin Bull in a Bleeding Market was last modified: December 12th, 2018 by Davit BabayanThe post Unbreakable: Mike Novogratz Remains a Bitcoin Bull in a Bleeding Market appeared first on NewsBTC.

Mike Novogratz: Bitcoin Was a Drug and We’re at the Methadone Clinic Now

CoinSpeaker Mike Novogratz: Bitcoin Was a Drug and We’re at the Methadone Clinic Now A former partner at Goldman Sachs who is popularly called the “pretty face of cryptocurrency” Mike Novogratz, said that he is now the ugly face of the bust. Talking to Bloomberg, he pointed at SEC sanctions on certain ICOs and the uncertainty surrounding Bitcoin Cash’s hard fork as the reasons behind Bitcoin’s drastic fall from $6,200 to $3,400. However, Novogratz remains confident that Bitcoin will make a comeback. “I do believe Bitcoin is going to be digital gold. We have a business that we think can break even next year, if not make money. We’ve got plenty of cash to run the business for a long time. I keep telling my guys we’re a surfer getting ourselves in shape for when the next wave comes, and when the wave comes we’d better be the Laird Hamilton of crypto.” First, says Novogratz, they thought of crypto as of a bear market. “I went into it thinking in the long run crypto is going to be a real structural shift in the world and I can just hedge my portfolio. And to be fair, we did a really great job not losing money the first 60 percent down. What you forget is that a market like Bitcoin that’s down 84 percent has dropped 60 percent—and then another 60 percent. That’s where the pain happens. You start buying Ether again, because it’s only $400 after being at $1,300. But then it drops to $100, and you’ve lost 75 percent of your money. We haven’t done horribly in that context, but we’re still down.” He then explains what he thinks it’s next for crypto-world. He invested in a company called High Fidelity, which is a virtual world. “Me and you, we’ll sit down, and we’ll have virtual beers. People think I’m crazy when I say that, but Second Life does $500 million a year of GDP, real money traded back and forth in a virtual world with old technology. That’ll be the first use case where blockchain really works.” One of Novogratz ventures in the field of digital currency is the cryptocurrency bank Galaxy Digital LP which began trading back on August 1st, 2018. The bank was off to a very slippery start, losing 20 percent per share in a single day, which added to the company’s overall estimated losses of about $134 million in Q1 of 2018. At the time, the former Goldman Sachs partner once again said that he thinks “we’ve pretty much bottomed.” However, the market has plummeted since, as Bitcoin lost roughly another 60 percent of its value. Yet, Novogratz says that the situation is “not as dramatically as one would think.” Bitcoin Price Rise was Like a Drug High Addressing the fears surrounding Bitcoin he explains the price rise as a drug, “an instance of testosterone boiling over and its fall led to pessimism and rampant fear.” He said: “That was a drug, and I don’t say that lightly…there’s the pessimism, and the fear, and the “Oh my God, it’s going to zero.” But it’s not going to zero. We’re at the methadone clinic.” Novogratz had already been saying that the Bitcoin could hold its position till the end of the year and maybe rise, but then disaster struck. He thought Bitcoin, “was going to hold at $6,200…. but then Bitcoin Cash decided to fork again.” He also mentioned that ICO legislation by the SEC increased investor panic: “The SEC came out and sanctioned a few ICOs and said- oh, by the way, your investors can sue for damages. That scared the heck out of a lot of people.” Novogratz further added that “the ICO market is pretty much dead right now,” however, the regulatory body, “doesn’t want to kill this innovation.” Many crypto proponents of Bitcoin have equated the top crypto to digital gold, Novogratz is one among them, he said: “That means Bitcoin is the only one of the coins out there that gets to be a legal pyramid scheme. Just like gold is. All the gold ever mined in the history of the world fits in an Olympic-size swimming pool. You’re out of your mind to think that pool’s worth $8 trillion. But it is because we say it is. While I believe in the underlying technology and believe in the crypto movement, when prices get stupid, I sell. A lot of my friends in crypto just couldn’t let go. They were saying that this is going to change the world. Revolutions don’t happen overnight. I’d be walking down the street, and people would come up to me wanting to take selfies. That’s when I started to think, OK, this is weird.” Always Cautious About Bitcoin as a Currency It’s more than obvious that he is still being cautious. A year ago, he was known as one of the biggest pro-bitcoin advocates but always saying that bitcoin will be difficult for governments to shut down. “I’ve got concern that if price movements go higher we’re going to get more regulation, but I think it’s hard to shut down. I don’t think that’s a probability. Banks will be slow to move into the industry,” Novogratz then said, adding that he “doesn’t see quick adoption of bitcoin as a currency.“ He also said that one of the big risks out there right now is that prices are moving so fast that regulators are going to get nervous. “I could legitimately see bitcoin go $13,000, $14,000, $20,000, $25,000 and see somebody balk.” He also warned on the fact that right now most regulators, including those in the U.S., are working with the digital currency system and are “intrigued” by it. Today, one thing where Novogratz remains firm is that he reiterates his view saying institutional entry is key for the Bitcoin price surge. Unless that happens, a sustainable price surge in Bitcoin seems a distant dream. Novogratz says that perhaps we can see a significant institutional money flow in the first half of next year, 2019. Steady Growth or Nuclear Winter for Crytocurrency? Despite a huge cryptocurrency market crash, VC billionaire Tim Draper believes, the value of Bitcoin will keep going higher in the upcoming years. Speaking to Thiel Macro’s Mike Green earlier this month, the billionaire said he believes virtual currencies will eventually overtake fiat currency, making up two-thirds of the world’s currency value. “Down the road, when we can easily spend, or invest, or do whatever we want with cryptocurrencies—they’re frictionless, they cost you less,” Draper told On the other hand, the billionaire investor and venture capitalist Jim Breyer believes that the promise offered by the technology is too great for it to be permanently buried by short-term market movements. Breyer kept saying that the technology is too big to be dismissed just because of a temporary bear market. He warned that “we’re close to a nuclear winter right now with cryptocurrency.” Mike Novogratz: Bitcoin Was a Drug and We’re at the Methadone Clinic Now

Cubits is Bankrupt and Withholding User Funds As OneCoin Ties Exposed

Anger continues to engulf cryptocurrency trading platform Cubits after executives suddenly announced the company was bankrupt, blocking all user funds. Cubits Owner: Funds Recovery ‘Unsuccessful’ In a press release dated December 11, Dooga Ltd., the UK-based entity trading as Cubits, claimed “collusion” which resulted in a “criminal act” involving the loss of €29 million ($33 million) in February 2018 had forced it to shut down. “Since February, Dooga has made every possible effort to recover these funds,” the release reads. Unfortunately – contrary to expectations – these efforts have been unsuccessful up until now. As Bitcoinist reported December 11, officials had told users on Twitter that Cubits was undergoing “maintenance” and would “be right back.” An identical message had appeared on the company’s website, but on Tuesday this changed to a 500 error message and the website went offline. A fresh tweet then confirmed Dooga had entered administration, leaving already frustrated users bewildered at the conflicting official information. Cubits had begun delaying withdrawals by weeks, some said, while another told Bitcoinist he was looking to involve law enforcement as a result of the company withholding his money. Payments Coordinator Endorses OneCoin At the same time, curious activity among senior management revealed the company’s payments coordinator Eloise Debono to be an advocate of OneCoin, a defunct Ponzi scheme, which has attracted warnings from multiple countries’ authorities over illicit practices. “Bitcoin can be bought and sold on many different exchanges, meaning you could be paying or receiving more or less than you should be,” she wrote in a bizarre article in 2016. OneCoin uses one centralised exchange called OneExchange, where there is a fixed rate for buying and selling. I personally think this is more secure and less volatile. COO Max Krupyshev, listed on LinkedIn as Cubits’ “head of crypto business,” left in November, weeks before users began to complain about withdrawal and funds access problems. Liquidator: Cubits Operator ‘Secure’ According to the company’s administrators, users will receive official correspondence about the debacle in the coming days. “Our goal is to achieve the best outcome for creditors generally at the earliest possible date,” Steve Parker from insolvency firm Opus Business Services Group commented. “Dooga’s current position is secure, investigations are proceeding and we will be writing to creditors, formally, this week.” What do you think about the ongoing Cubits debacle? Let us know in the comments below! Images courtesy of Shutterstock The post Cubits is Bankrupt and Withholding User Funds As OneCoin Ties Exposed appeared first on

Tezos [XTZ] up by 13%; boost comes after Huobi Global teases listing

Tezos [XTZ], the token which ranks on the 20th position on CoinMarketCap’s list, has been going through a rough patch, owing to the strong bear market. However, the time appears to have been changing for XTZ as it has been seen siding the bull. Source: CoinMarketCap According to CoinMarketCap, the coin was valued at $0.41 with a market cap of $252 million, at the time of press. The coin reported a 24-hour trade volume of $2 million and grew by 1.80% in an hour. The maximum trade volume of the coin was registered by, with a market cap of $510,404 with XTZ/USDT pair. It was followed by UEX on the second and third position. UEX on the second position registered a trading volume of $398,341 with XTZ/USDT pair and on the fourth position, the market cap was noted to be $394,993 with XTZ/BTC pair. Source: CoinMarketCap This comes after the coin was valued at its lowest at $0.31 recently, with a low market cap of $192 million. The trading volume of XTZ was reported to be $3 million. The rise in the coin’s prices is speculated due to getting listed on Huobi Global. Huobi released a statement informing the crypto world about this. It read: “Tezos (XTZ) will be launched on Huobi Global on December 12, 2018 (GMT+8). Deposits will be available from 14:30, December 12, 2018 (GMT+8). XTZ/BTC and XTZ/ETH trading will be available from 18:00, December 13, 2018 (GMT+8). Withdrawals will be available from 14:30, December 16, 2018 (GMT+8).” Even though the coin is struggling to make over $2 million in trading volume, it has reported an uptrend by 13% over 24 hours. Meanwhile, there have been constant talks about Tezos being listed on Coinbase over the past couple of months and many holders are hopeful about the same. On December 7, Coinbase released a list of potential cryptocurrency list, which may be a part of the new listing. This listing included tokens like Cardano [ADA], EOS [EOS], Stellar [XLM], XRP [XRP], and also Tezos [XTZ]. An update is awaited on Coinbase’s end about the final listing. Tezos seem to be upping its game and fighting the bear head-on. The post Tezos [XTZ] up by 13%; boost comes after Huobi Global teases listing appeared first on AMBCrypto.
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