Bahrain-based Exchange to Launch Next Year

Bahrain-based Exchange to Launch Next Year

Rain Financial, the first-ever cryptocurrency exchange in the Middle East, has opened its public waiting list for next year’s roll-out

Rain intends to operate as an institutional platform and a brokerage firm. It was one of the primary participants in the Central Bank of Bahrain’s sandbox dedicated to fintech startups. It was co-founded by Abdullah Almoaiqel, a blockchain consultant in Saudi Arabia; and Yehia Badawy, an Egyptian investor-turned-meetup organizer.

Consumer Trust

Customer confidence, which the co-founders believe is the main issue that needs to be addressed within the industry. The exchange is set to tackle this head-on by partnering with two banks and integrating security checks and verification into their platform.

Investor Interest

Badawy has said the company, with its institutional-grade infrastructure, is there to meet the demand of interested investors who are anticipating the right partners and the right governmental regulations.

The budding exchange has garnered the attention of big-time investors; among them are Jimmy Song and Mike Komaransky (Cumberland Mining founder).

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The bears may still be throwing jabs at the crypto market even at the opening of the year, but one thing this market never lacks is a fair share of entertainment. We’ve been treated to various episodes of influential figures trading accusations and sometimes getting all arrogant against each other. Just a few months ago before the Bitcoin Cash hard fork happened, someone even threatened to mess up the market by dumping their huge Bitcoin cache. That person is Craig Wright, and people like Jimmy Song have a few unkind words to describe him. Jimmy is a Bitcoin developer with quite a following on YouTube. Bitcoin Network Has Come A Long Way In an interview posted on YouTube, Jimmy talks about the good things happening within the Bitcoin community. In his opinion, the crypto network has survived a cool 10 years, something he describes as a sign of growing stability. He particularly mentions the Lightning Network as one of the nicest things to happen to Bitcoin of late.   Going forth, Jimmy lauds the current state of development as exciting and views the ongoing innovations as the triggers for future use cases that will drive Bitcoin adoption. “The Guy Is Completely Wacko” Asked about the recent claims by Craig Wright who says he has discovered a way to take over Bitcoin, Jimmy says he isn’t even surprised that Craig would make such a claim – given his obvious behavior of seeking attention by saying outrageous things. In fact, Jimmy thinks Craig Wright holds zero credibility and no one should listen to him at all. In a comic twist, Jimmy describes Craig as that one fat kid who claims to have a pretty perfect girlfriend back home. To cap his joke, he explains that if indeed Craig has the exploit he claims to have discovered, he should prove it. Jimmy was responding to a query by the interviewer about Craig’s claim that he has discovered a fatal flaw in the coding of the Bitcoin network and that he could potentially exploit the vulnerability to take total control of the network. Craig says he will reveal the flaw later in the year. However, in the eyes of Jimmy Song, Craig Wright is not a guy to be taken seriously. Watch Video The post Jimmy Song calls Craig Wright a “Wacko” With Zero Credibility And No One Should Even Be Listening To Him At All appeared first on ZyCrypto.

Jimmy Song: Bitcoin Can Be Instrumental In Starting A Peaceful Revolution

Recently, Jimmy Song, a leading bitcoin developer appeared on Max Keiser’s show on RT. Keiser noted that “when you talk about users (consumers) winning out over the monoliths — the corporations and plutocrats — I think that Bitcoin is the currency of resistance. The pro-crypto figure drew attention to the Yellow Vest (GIlet Jaune) movement, noting that activists can rally around BTC as a mode of unification.” Song, seemingly a bit hesitant to admit that Bitcoin should be actively used in a more violent revolution like environment, noted that the “biggest” value proposition that the asset accentuates is decentralized monetary (financial) power — the most facet in humanity in Song’s eyes. So, he explained that movements like France’s Gilet Jaunes should be taking financial power back for themselves, rather than usurping the powers that be. So, he then explained that BTC can facilitate a “more peaceful revolution” than the violent protests occurring all across the globe. Song said that Bitcoin can be instrumental in empowering an individual over the government because of its decentralized nature. “When you’re talking about governance, and you’re talking about the user winning out over the monoliths, the corporations, the plutocrats….It seems as though bitcoin is the currency of resistance. Bitcoin should be the currency for all these global movements to unify.” He later said that people should stop obsessing over the price of Bitcoin. “The bitcoin price going up can actually be a very big distraction for a lot of developers. When the price is going up, we’re all thinking about how much bitcoin we have and what we can buy, so it’s very easy to get distracted when there’s a bull market. During a bear market, you don’t want to think about the price that much. Instead, you get down to work and build all sorts of goods and services that might be useful to people, and that’s a good thing.”
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Bitcoin is a Tool for ‘Peaceful Revolution’: Crypto Developer Jimmy Song

Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song says the original cryptocurrency can be a powerful tool to usher in a “peaceful revolution.” Song made the remarks during an interview with RT’s business host Max Keiser. “The biggest thing bitcoin brings is the decentralization of monetary power,” Song says (see video starting at 13:40). “If you have government and big The post Bitcoin is a Tool for ‘Peaceful Revolution’: Crypto Developer Jimmy Song appeared first on CCN

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