Ban! Ban! China is Against Video Games (Aug, 31 Daily)

Ban! Ban! China is Against Video Games (Aug, 31 Daily)

LINE's crypto, BitMEX analyzing Bitmain, China almost banning itself, challenges at Ethereum hardfork, CBOE and possible ETH futures

  • LINE will have its own cryptocurrency. The popular messenger will integrate LINK as its native currency. Tokens will be available exclusively on BITBOX, LINE’s own digital asset exchange.
  • Bitmex crunches Bitmain’s numbers. Bitmex shared the results of their research on Bitmain’s IPO. According to the chart-heavy report, the Chinese mining giant has lost about a third of a billion in consequence of investing in Bitcoin Cash.
  • Our regular column China Bans: Video games. If you think that China is laying back after banning everything crypto-related, you are wrong. China is now squinting at video games because they supposedly hinder the Chinese youth’s development.
  • Ethereum’s upcoming hardfork has a lot to deal with. One of the developers’ primary concerns is the difficulty bomb, i.e. the growing mining difficulty problem, which if neglected can destroy Ethereum, as transactions will take forever to process. In response to the hardfork’s proposition to cut block rewards, Brian Venturo says:

If you reduce the block reward you’re going to price out a large proportion of hardware

Brian Venturo, CTO of a mining startup

UPDATE. The conference is coming to end, and Afri Schoedon stated:

We agreed to accept EIP-1234 w/ 2 ETH block reward with the modification to delay the bomb by 12 months not 18. And it was accepted under the "condition" that we consider ProgPoW in the next hardfork and that we go for a better defined monetary policy

Afri Schoedon, Parity Develpoer

  • CBOE is aiming at ETH futures. Right now the exchange is waiting for some clarifications from CFTC. ETH futures should be up for launch by the end of 2018 and are expected to attract a wider trading.
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