Bank of America Reveals Move to Patent Cash Handling Device

Bank of America Reveals Move to Patent Cash Handling Device

On 25 December, the Bank of America (BoA) registers a patent: ‘Banking systems controlled by data bearing records’ for a device interconnected with blockchain technology and designed to enhance cash handling by equipping it with ‘dynamic and adaptable operating functions’

Despite the bank’s antipathetic view on cryptocurrencies, it has once again filed to patent a blockchain-related tool.

The device envisioned by the Bank of America applies blockchain technology for holding or managing money. The patent application conveys the device can be employed in ‘operating centers and other locations’ to perform cash deposits and withdrawals. The bank is well aware of the difficulties they have to face in integrating the device with the existing technical system that holds together banking with its other operations.

Blockchain technology can resolve the problem of communication in areas of cash handling, as the patent states. It was first submitted in 2017.

About the Device

The device will carry a memory and a minimum of one processor. A communication interface may keep a series of modules for registration, for containerized operations, a non-engagement module, and for secure communications.

The patent explains the process of how transactions will be executed between the blockchain and the device. The device will encode the initial transaction for a blockchain distributed database. The cash handling device will then transmit the data to a support server.

Previous Patents

America’s investment banking corporation, the Bank of America, filed more than fifty blockchain-related patents. Some of the patents include a cryptocurrency vault and a private key storage device.

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List of Top 20 Android Application Development Companies in USAIf you’re in a search of a renowned and reliable Android app development company in the USA, here is your comprehensive list of top companies.I agree that choosing the right app development partner for your Android app project is like looking for a needle in a haystack. To make this task a bit easy, here I give a comprehensive list of twenty top Android app development companies in the USA.Let’s start straightaway:Solution Analysts (Delmar, Delaware)Employee Strength- 100+Established in- 2011Since inception in the year 2011, this company has remained committed to app quality and performance. Irrespective of scale and size, Solution Analysts has achieved the client’s happiness in every app project. 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IBM Tops USA Patent Lists in 2018 by Earning a Record 9,100 Patents with Blockchain as Focal Point

IBM continues to make a mark in the U.S. patents list by topping the list again, for the 26th consecutive year. Reports from Armonk, N.Y. on January 8, 2019, indicated that the IBM inventors outdid themselves last year by receiving a total of 9,100 patents by the close of the year. According to reliable sources, IBM proved to be the industry leader in areas such as quantum computing, security, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. These are all industries in which the company received various patents for its inventions. IBM CEO, President, and Chairman, Ginni Rometty stated that the company is committed to being an industry leader in the technological world. It hopes to be able to help change the way the world solves, as well as how it gets to solve some of its recurring problems, including problems that people may not even have started to think about. Ginni went on to state that these inventions were aimed at benefiting their customers and clients, particularly in areas where IBM has proved to be the ultimate leader, e.g., business security, blockchain infrastructure, cloud solutions, and artificial intelligence solutions. A closer look at all the patents received last year shows that many of their patents were related to pioneer advancements in various technological fields. As mentioned above, many of these patents were in quantum computing, the blockchain, and security for businesses. The industry-leading record of 1,600 patents issued to IBM in the last year happened to touch on new techniques and methods in which artificial intelligence could be deployed to help the human population converse much more easily. Others were on new methods that could be used to help better protect the earth’s waterways and lakes. Artificial intelligence has also been playing a major role in the over 1,400 security-related patents that were granted to inventors linked to IBM. Some of these patents touched on artificial intelligence powered security approaches that can be used to combat computer-based voice phishing. IBM Patents Some of the patents that were granted to IBM in the past year included: The Project Debater. IBM stated that this was one-of-a-kind artificial intelligence system designed by the IBM research team that can be used to debate humans on various complex world topics. The inventors were able to patent a method that can be used to utilize machine learning in identifying evidence in unstructured data that may help support or oppose a given statement that may be under consideration. The inventors were also able to patent an artificial intelligence scheme that could be used to monitor, illustrate, and identify perpendicular heat gradients and profiles that can distress aquatic life in seas and oceans. 2018 also saw IBM inventors receiving more than 2,000 patents for cloud-based computing solutions. One of these patents was for a specialized monitor that can be used with a virtual machine based on unikernel. It is an approach that is meant to make it easier for users to move data from one application to another across the cloud.
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