Bank of America Reveals Move to Patent Cash Handling Device

Bank of America Reveals Move to Patent Cash Handling Device

On 25 December, the Bank of America (BoA) registers a patent: ‘Banking systems controlled by data bearing records’ for a device interconnected with blockchain technology and designed to enhance cash handling by equipping it with ‘dynamic and adaptable operating functions’

Despite the bank’s antipathetic view on cryptocurrencies, it has once again filed to patent a blockchain-related tool.

The device envisioned by the Bank of America applies blockchain technology for holding or managing money. The patent application conveys the device can be employed in ‘operating centers and other locations’ to perform cash deposits and withdrawals. The bank is well aware of the difficulties they have to face in integrating the device with the existing technical system that holds together banking with its other operations.

Blockchain technology can resolve the problem of communication in areas of cash handling, as the patent states. It was first submitted in 2017.

About the Device

The device will carry a memory and a minimum of one processor. A communication interface may keep a series of modules for registration, for containerized operations, a non-engagement module, and for secure communications.

The patent explains the process of how transactions will be executed between the blockchain and the device. The device will encode the initial transaction for a blockchain distributed database. The cash handling device will then transmit the data to a support server.

Previous Patents

America’s investment banking corporation, the Bank of America, filed more than fifty blockchain-related patents. Some of the patents include a cryptocurrency vault and a private key storage device.

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Global partner of the Premier League Team opens 13 crypto markets in the USA market for its CoinDeal Token

CoinDeal is always thinking about their users first. The popularity of this exchange is growing very fast. The platform gained more than 350,000 users within 2 years. For now, CoinDeal is opening its platform for users from the United States of America and ensures that no one else will provide such high-quality services to the Americans as they do. The Maltese company is already registered with FINCEN in the United States as Money Services Business Registration Number: 31000146609933. Why CoinDeal exchange is a safe and user-friendly place to trade: offers high-quality services of safety;  has an attractive and cost-effective Affiliate Program;  has one of the lowest fees on the cryptocurrencies market;  users have a real influence on exchange’s develop for example by voting;  offers its users its own token – CDL, which give many features when using the platform; As a good start, CoinDeal opens trading in 13 States: Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and they plan another 12 in the future. Maybe one-day CoinDeal services will be available in all states. Users can trade now on these 13 active markets:   ETH/BTC, LTC/BTC, XRP/BTC, EOS/BTC, BCH/BTC, DOGE/XRP, BCHSV/BTC, XMR/BTC, USDT/BTC (not available in Texas), TUSD/BTC (not available in Texas), ZEC/BTC. CDL/BTC. Soon, the platform has a plan to open CDL/EUR and CDL/USDT (not available in Texas) and more markets. CoinDeal Token’s has launched its own token market A few months ago, CoinDeal, like other lead global exchanges, created their own – CoinDeal Token (CDL). This is the first token in the world which was given for free CoinDeal distributed 90% of its tokens to users, 87549 people received – 514 tokens each. The current price is about $30,79 for 514 tokens (data from November 14th, 2019, 11:35 a.m. CET). CDL it’s already ranked 574th according to Coinpaprica with the market cap $2 436 634 (279.00 BTC) The exchange did not buy any tokens from the market, so the price was set by the market itself. CDL token is built on ETH blockchain. Ethereum’s Greedy’s Heaviest Observed Subtree (GHOST) protocol allows for faster block creation without compromising blockchain security, which means that transactions are processed faster. The token is available on CoinDeal from November 12th in pair CDL/BTC. The CDL is an internal exchange token that was created to give additional functionality on the platform. Thanks to CoinDeal Tokens users can get many features: decreased trading fees,  customer Support Priority, staking tokens will decrease trading fees further, advanced trading features,  social trading platform access,  access to voting. CoinDeal & OTC CoinDeal has also launched the OTC (Over-the-Counter) trading process, the ideal solution for traders who want to place large orders with the certainty that their transaction will not cause a sudden increase or decrease in the price of a coin. Trading via OTC is available from 10 USD (0.001BTC) up to 5 BTC with unlimited liquidity and 0% – 0.7% commission spread between the purchase and the sale price.  Find more information about the process, which takes only one hour or less on the CoinDeal website: It’s one of the best options or advanced users. New CoinDeal mobile app CoinDeal’s first mobile app is now available on iOS and Android. The range of benefits includes allowing users to trade on active markets, view 24-hour changes in currency charts and preview all transactions. Besides, new advanced trading features are now available in the PRO version of the CoinDeal exchange. The introduction of the Galaxy Score tool helps users to fully evaluate the market before they decide by providing real-time market data, market history, and social media sentiment. VQF and Maltese License CoinDeal proves its credibility with many licenses and confirmations. Not only when we are talking about entering the US market.  CoinDeal has received membership in VQF (registered under 100610), which allows it to start operations in Switzerland as Coindeal Swiss. The company has an office in Switzerland for a long time and the Swiss VQF license confirms its financial credibility. Premier League partnership  CoinDeal has been a global partner of the Premier League Team, the Wolverhampton Wanderers FC since 2018. During this time, they actively supported them in their social media and participated in many matches and official meetings. Also, the exchange often organizes contests for the fan base. Most popular prizes are tickets for matches and signed t-shirts. Wolves’ fans should follow CoinDeal’s actions on social media. CoinDeal’s social media channels:;u=2608398 Disclosure/Disclaimer: This press release is sponsored and produced by a third-party source and should not be viewed as an endorsement by ZyCrypto. Readers are urged to do their own research before investing or having anything to do with the company, goods and/or services mentioned in the above article. The post Global partner of the Premier League Team opens 13 crypto markets in the USA market for its CoinDeal Token appeared first on ZyCrypto.

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