Banks, Institutional Investors, and Individuals are all inclined to make the change come through the blockchain

Banks, Institutional Investors, and Individuals are all inclined to make the change come through the blockchain

All of the latest news on investments of key companies and banks in the crypto market during August 20 — 23, 2018 are in our Investment Digest.

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Poll: Majority Of Respondents Would Rather Buy ICON (ICX) Than Ethereum For Long Term Investment

The 2018 bear market has ravaged Bitcoin and altcoins alike. While Bitcoin has made significant recovery from its 2018 low of $3,200, most altcoins are still battling to find their footing. A Twitter poll involving 4 altcoins shows that users are more willing to buy ICX than other three alts including Ethereum. The poll had 1,842 respondents answer the question “if you have to choose ONLY one alt for the long term, with the highest chance to get back the ATH.” Out of the number, 49% indicated optimism that ICX is most likely to get back to its all-time high while the remaining 3 had 51% of the votes to share.  Not very surprisingly, ETH had the second-highest vote of 31% who would go for it in the hope of getting back to its all-time high and making some profits from it. The next was NEO with 14% of the votes while Ontology (ONT) came last with 6% of the votes, with the least chance of ever seeing its all-time high price again. The poll also gave room for those whose favorite coins were not listed to mention them in their comments. Guess what? ICX was still mentioned roughly 99% of the time, which raises the question of why ICX? Well, ICX is the native token of one of the largest blockchain projects in the world, ICON. It’s working towards bringing blockchain application to the real world in all areas including banking, healthcare, and education. It also provides scalability for both public and private blockchains as well as enabling interoperability between chains. There are several other projects with similar goals but ICX seems to have found a place in the hearts of crypto users worldwide. Its price performance is still subpar as it has lost over 8% in the last 24 hours, ICX supporters, however, believe it’s soon going to reach its all-time high once again. Some experts question the possibility of another alt season but with this level of support, who knows what may happen in the future? The post Poll: Majority Of Respondents Would Rather Buy ICON (ICX) Than Ethereum For Long Term Investment appeared first on ZyCrypto.

The Global Blockchain Investment Summit (GBIS) is about to happen in Indonesia. Explore the transformation of Indonesia’s digital economy.

In recent years, the technology and application of blockchain in Southeast Asia have developed rapidly over the past. Governments and associations around the world, as well as blockchain alliances are actively exploring the potential development and application prospects of blockchain technology in various fields such as governing management, commerce, finance, tourism, and agriculture. On April 24th, the 2019 Global Blockchain Investment Summit (GBIS) was successfully held in Singapore. During this summit, regulators from different countries and technology experts gathered to discuss the current status, development, and future of blockchain technology and distributed commerce in Singapore. Based on the current global development of the blockchain technology and it’s cutting edge trends, the Global Blockchain Investment Alliance (GBIA) and the Hongkong Blockchain Association (HKBA) will be allied with the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Blockchain Center of Excellence & Education (BCEE) to hold the Global Blockchain Investment Summit from 29th to 30th July 2019 in Jakarta, Indonesia. During this, there will be a series of discussion about the development of blockchain technology and application, in-depth exploration of how governments and traditional business can integrate into the current transformation of the digital economy and seize the core aspects of technology and economic development.  Multi-party cooperation to jointly deploy the Indonesian blockchain ecology The summit specifically invited representatives of Indonesian national leaders, members of the United Nations Blockchain Committee, members of the United Arab Emirates, the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Indonesian Ministry of National Investment, the Central Bank of Indonesia, the United Bank of the Philippines and others related bank agency representative to discuss about the transformative impact of blockchain on the transformation of the digital economy from the perspective of government management and global economic development. In addition, the summit will also be affiliated with the Association of Blockchain Applications and Economics (BAEF), Global Clearing Union (wtia), Asian Blockchain Alliance, Indonesia Blockchain Association and other associations authority, with Huobi Indonesia, BitTok trading platform as well as IPSE distributed search engine, BitCherry distributed electricity supplier, Engine Miner, and there is also a one-stop blockchain media platform, BitDesk, and Cyber Media. Together, we will build an excellent integrated blockchain system, to help accelerate the transformation of the digital economy in Indonesia. At the same time, the famous economist Zhu Jiaming, Hongkong Blockchain Association Chairman Zhang Junyong, Global Blockchain Investment Alliance Founding Chairman Ender Xu, Golden Finance CEO An Xinxin, Director of Distributed Economic Management Office Chen Caigen and many other authoritative experts in blockchain fields, as well as more than 500 top investors, more than 3000 industry elites, and hundreds of media will gather in Jakarta to further discuss the development trend of blockchain technology, industry application scenarios, the latest policy and investment strategy as well as the blockchain ideology behind the technology, etc. Aims to promote in-depth exchanges among leaders in various fields, share resources, and collaborate on the ecological development of the blockchain industry chain. Three aspects of leading the discussion on blockchain frontier As a subversive technology, blockchain is receiving a wide range of attention from underlying architecture development to application in each sector, from national strategy to corporate practice. In the fast-growing blockchain technology, the application execution is especially important. During the two-day summit, dozens of in-depth keynote speeches and panel discussion will explore the development trend and application prospects of blockchain technology, providing enterprises, industries, and governments with cutting-edge thinking and innovative solutions for economic transformation. Aspect 1: Digital economy to promote Indonesia’s economic development Earlier, UN Assistant Secretary-General Xu Haoliang said: “We believe that blockchain is a technology that can have a huge impact on developing countries in many ways.” The United Nations Development Programme has also used blockchain technology to help improve the lives of people in developing countries all over the world, blockchain has a great potential for achieving sustainable development goals in terms of aid, immigration, cross-border payments, and energy efficiency. In the past two years, there is a continuous growth of digital innovation as well as the competition of local companies in the field of digital transformation where several initiatives are launched. Innovation accelerators such as cloud, data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and IoT are becoming the key drivers of diversified innovation for Indonesian companies. Among them, blockchain technology has contributed greatly to Indonesia’s economic growth in finance, entertainment, agriculture, tourism, transportation, and governing management. Aspect 2: Distributed Business Leads the Digital Economy Era The new revolution of business model is closely related to the development of distributed technology. The goal is to enable suppliers and intermediate platform providers in commercial activities to fully decentralize their production, management, operation, and service. Distributed business, a protocol based on the underlying technology of the blockchain and the concept of the tokenomy are leading the rapid development of the digital economy. Distributed business as a new business model, their biggest difference from the franchise business model and sharing business model is that distributed business can achieve more thorough full decentralization and monopoly. For Indonesia, their 100,000 small and medium-sized enterprises can truly become the main lead of the business value chain through a distributed business model, thereby stimulating economic growth, broadening employment, encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation. Aspect 3: Blockchain empowers traditional businesses Current Indonesia, whether it is a private sector or government body, has been actively exploring blockchain technology and attempt on implementing blockchain technology into agriculture, transportation, finance, tourism, and government management. In the financial sector, the Bank of Indonesia (BI) has announced their plans on launching its digital currency. Several banks led by Mandiri Bank, are also exploring the use of blockchain technology for financial trading. Apart from that, the use of blockchain technology has enabled efficient and free funds transferring, and the inward remittance in Indonesia has also increased significantly. In terms of the hospitality industry, blockchain technology could have a major role in the area of transforming the vacant property management right. This is to provide a reliable, transparent and measurable collaborative scheme,  as well as efficiently use of the vacant property management right to achieve high income, high-efficiency, and mutually profitable collaboration. With over 17,000 islands, Indonesia is one of the largest island nations in the world follows by a clustered population. Looking into this, the efficiency of managing traffic data information through traditional method is unable to meet the requirements of its government. On the other hand, the use of blockchain will effectively reduce the cost of data loss incidents and data corruption, enhances the link between parties involved in traffic management, which help to increase its efficiency and credibility, making it possible for pre-control. On the other hand, blockchain technology is also used in the field of logistics and shipping, providing an effective logistics management in terms of time and cost-effectiveness by instantly updating the exact location of the goods in transit. The world is speeding up following the blockchain era. The blockchain technology innovation and commercial application are driving the industry to change, and it also profoundly affects the upgrading and value innovation of all walks of life. With the stable economic growth of Southeast Asia represented by Indonesia and the dual advantages of demographic dividend and market potential, the strategic layout of the Southeast Asian blockchain innovation is imperative. The grand scale and superb standard of the summit will not only further stimulate the rapid growth of the digital economy in Indonesia but also will have far-reaching significance and influence on the development of blockchain innovation in Southeast Asia. We are delighted to welcome you to the 2019 Global Blockchain Investment Summit (GBIS) which will be held from 29-30 July at the outstanding Pacific Place in Jakarta, Indonesia to witness the beginning of a new era. Purchase a ticket here: The post The Global Blockchain Investment Summit (GBIS) is about to happen in Indonesia. Explore the transformation of Indonesia’s digital economy. appeared first on NullTX.

Survey: Just Four Percent of US Public Favour Bitcoin or Other Crypto Assets as a 10+ Year Investment

According to a survey produced by financial services firm BankRate, Bitcoin and crypto do not represent a popular choice of investment vehicle for a decade or more amongst the US public. The findings show that just four percent of respondents preferred digital currencies over other more traditional investments. Beating Bitcoin, crypto assets, and everything else for that matter, was real estate. Almost a third of those answering the survey declared the investment vehicle to be the one most likely to retain value over the next 10 years. America’s Most Popular Investment Is Housing, not Bitcoin The survey, conducted by BankRate, put forward the question: “For money you wouldn’t need for 10 years, which ONE of the following do you think would be the best way to invest?” Bankrate's chief financial analyst, @BankrateGreg, joins @YahooFinance to discuss Bankrate's latest survey: Why real estate is Americans' favorite long-term investment. Watch the full video here: — Bankrate (@Bankrate) July 18, 2019 Thirty-one percent of respondents stated that they would prefer to own real estate over any of the other investment categories given as multiple choice answers. The second most popular choice was stocks (20 percent), followed by cash investments (19 percent), gold and precious metals (11 percent), bonds (seven percent), some other investment not listed as an answer (five percent), and Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency (four percent). The survey also found that the preference for real estate over other forms of investment vehicles could be observed across respondents of all income levels. BankRate grouped those asked in the following income categories: more than $75,000, between $50,000 and $75,000, between $30,000 and $50,000, and less than $30,000. Between 32 and 34 percent of each category would rather own real estate than any other of the investment choices. Interestingly, the 2018 edition of the survey found that stocks were the most popular investment. However, they have since plunged in popularity despite the fact that they have been gaining an average of 10 percent annually for years. Evidently, investors have forgotten about the housing market crash that decimated the economy last decade. Despite the oft-repeated narrative that young adults would rather waste money on avocado-toast than property, the BankRate survey actually found that millenials are the most likely age group to want to own property as a ten-or-more-year investment. Of those responding that they preferred real estate over all other investment vehicles, millenials to Generation X accounted for 31 percent. Meanwhile, baby boomers and the Silent Generation accounted for 30 percent and 23 percent respectively. BankRate’s chief financial analyst, Greg McBride, had the following to say about the penchant millenials seem to have for real estate this year: “Millennials are higher on real estate than any other age group, have cooled a bit on cash, and still aren’t keen on the stock market when investing for more than ten years.” By contrast, Bitcoin and crypto assets fared much worse than either stocks or real estate. Just four percent of those responding named the emerging asset class as their preference to hold for the next decade.   Related Reading: Manhattan Real Estate Worth $36.5 Million to be Tokenised and Sold to Investors Featured Image from Shutterstock. Survey: Just Four Percent of US Public Favour Bitcoin or Other Crypto Assets as a 10+ Year Investment was last modified: July 22nd, 2019 by Rick D.The post Survey: Just Four Percent of US Public Favour Bitcoin or Other Crypto Assets as a 10+ Year Investment appeared first on NewsBTC.

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