BAT Token Flies High

BAT Token Flies High

BAT tokens are now available in Coinbase Pro platform; BAT price and volume surged, various theories surfaced

Coinbase Pro announced the tokens are open for incoming transfers. Trading of BAT/USDC pairs will commence after liquidity is set.

Four Phases of BAT Launch

Coinbase Pro detailed the trading stages for the launch of BAT. The four stages encompass the entire trading process before the tokens can be fully traded.

The first stage is transfer-only. This began on 2 November. The second is post-only, where users can post limit orders. The limit-only phase follows, where matching of orders will occur. And then full trading.

Surge due to Insider Trading?

Prior to the Coinbase Pro announcement, market observers noticed the token seemingly pumped in price. This fueled to assumption that the increase of token price was due to insider knowledge.

The ‘Coinbase Effect’

Another assumption has been coined as the Coinbase Effect. The effect ascribes a token’s possible price hike comes with being listed on the platform.

At the time of writing, Brave browser’s Basic Attention Token (BAT) is up 8.08% and trading at $0.3210. Its 24-hour volume has touched $20 million.

Though available on the Pro platform, BAT is not yet accessible in


0.3671 USD


2.08 USD

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