BCH: Reap the Rewards

If you think that the passion after the ВСH fork has evaporated — you are greatly mistaken, because now we are dealing with consequences. Reddit community is actively talking about the benefits/harms of the fork, so you have two options: watching or becoming an active commentator

Vitalik is all about crypto succeeding. And he's smart enough to make it happen. Look at how Core treated him, and look at how successful ETH has been. Imagine how badly ETH would've failed if he'd built it on top of BTC Core.

  • Tomas Forgac: ‘I'm going with ABC. Here's why: While BTC/BCH split was about economics (of blocks and fees), this fork was imo more about delivery (economics didn't change). ABC side has delivered great software and hardware products, hashpower and relationships’
  • The BCH split was political and could not have been prevented. It's a schism over following science (within the pow context) versus a cult of personality. The creepy personality would have found any other reason to split. Regularly scheduled hard forks are an effective strategy.
  • Ryan X. Charles: Why I Choose SV


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266.67 USD

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