Big Plans, Careful Moves (Investment and Partnership Digest, Nov 15—21)

Besides gaming news: KuCoin completing round A investments, Binance investing $3M in OTC, Bilbao-city offering a grant for a blockchain project, IBM and Columbia University creating accelerator programs, an Israeli institutional investor setting up two funds, Parker Wright to raise $250M, KMPG emphasises on the importance of institutional investors

  • KuCoin announced it has secured $20 million in Series A funding round.  According to the exchange, the funds will be used to create a more secure global platform. The round is led by investors such as IDG Capital, Neo Global Capital, and Matrix Partners.
  • Binance Labs released a press release stating Binance invested $3 million in Koi Trading. Koi Trading is a San Francisco-based, over-the-counter cryptocurrency trading desk which seeks to be the choice for private cryptocurrency liquidity. Aside from providing liquidity, the trading firm provides quantitative research, data science, and compliance consultation services.
  • Mythical Games released a statement conveying it has raised $16 million in Series A funding round. The round was led by Digital Galaxy. The acquired capital will be used to produce new games on the blockchain that will enable players and developers to modify certain game aspects.
  • Blockade Games gears up to present the Marguerite deCourcelle led project, Neon District, a blockchain-based video game. The game is valued at $13 million. Blockade Games is also working on a new game, Buidl Bear.
  • IBM and Columbia University revealed two accelerator programs to assist innovation of startups. The programs will each support 10 startups and provide business mentors, technical support, talents from Columbia University, and resources from IBM’s cloud technology.
  • Bilbao, located in the North of Spain, offered a €150,000, approximately $171,000, tender to build a public services blockchain within 6 months. The company who will win the contract has to develop a network akin to EJIE to help local authorities process data exchange from separate public institutions.
  • Silver Castle, the first institutional investment firm from Israel, sets into motion two crypto funds. Silver Castle sees the current bear market as an opportunity for institutional investors to enter the market with reduced risks. Eli Mizroch, the firm’s CEO, is certain the market is ideal for large-scale investments.
  • A global investment firm, Parker Wright, will raise funds amounting to $250 million on the CDRX platform. An agreement signed between Parker Wright and CDRX affirms the said amount will be used for the investment firm’s Quantitative AI fund.
  • Security Token Network released a curated list of firms who have invested in Security Token Offerings (STO) and other related projects. Firms in the list include INDX Capital, Pantera Capital, Swarm Fund, and Sequoia Capital.
  • KMPG, a Netherlands-based auditing firm, released a report: Institutionalization of Cryptoassets. The report emphasized the importance of institutional investors in the growth of the cryptocurrency industry.

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Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, says that how you talk is often more important than what you’re talking about. In a blog post, Zhao shared many other communication tips that he says will enable aspiring entrepreneurs to approach him of other investors with confidence. Binance CEO says people should be straight shooters when approaching investors Being the CEO of one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world means time is the most valuable resource you have. Despite being eager to meet and speak to people about their projects, the sheer number of people that approach you makes it impossible to dedicate time to all of them. According to Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, this can be avoided by being effective while communicating and choosing the right time to approach investors. In a blog post, Zhao shared his tips for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to approach him or other investors, saying that ineffective communication is the biggest obstacle to getting investments. Zhao wrote in his post: “How you communicate is often more important than the content you are trying to convey.” He said entrepreneurs should always have a “1-minute elevator pitch” prepared to avoid getting sidetracked when given a chance to talk about their project. When approaching investors, entrepreneurs should also be very direct with what they want. Zhao said that beating around the bush and being vague about the nature of your project and request often make him lose interest in the project. CEOs aren’t the ones you should be approaching According to Zhao, CEOs are “usually the least hands-on and most distracted person in any organization,” which is why they aren’t the ones entrepreneurs should approach when looking for investments or help. When it comes to Binance, Zhao said that he isn’t involved in investments, mergers and acquisitions, the Binance Launchpad, or coin listings on Binance. He said: “It is usually better to go through the proper channels to get something done rather than going directly to the CEO.” If a meeting with a CEO is what you’re aspiring to, Zhao said that your pitch should be no longer than 5 minutes long. He believes this makes entrepreneurs focus only on the important things, which increases the chance of capturing the attention of their potential investors. Another way you can ensure your name and project are easily remembered is to use business cards. Zhao recommended always giving out a business card, regardless of whether you’ve met the person you are giving it to. However, Zhao noted that these tips might not work for everyone. His outspoken nature and omnipresence on Twitter make him one of the most approachable executives in the crypto industry, which seems to be a two-edged sword. The post CEO of Binance shares communication tips for aspiring entrepreneurs appeared first on CryptoSlate.

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