Binance Includes XRP as Base Pair; XRP Application is a Sign of a Maturing Crypto Market

Binance Includes XRP as Base Pair; XRP Application is a Sign of a Maturing Crypto Market

Binance, the foremost cryptocurrency exchange by daily trading volume, announces a new base currency for trading pairs: Ripple’s XRP; Henri Arslanian, the PricewaterhouseCoopers FinTech & Crypto Leader for Asia, calls XRP a ‘game changer’ in executing cross-border payments

XRP advocates think the cryptocurrency should be a base pair option on the Binance platform. They have been stirring the platform’s CEO, Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao, to include the coin as one of its base currencies. Yesterday, 24 December, the exchange heralded the roll out of pairs TRX (TRON)/XRP and XZC (ZCoin)/XRP. As a base, XRP can be traded with other Binance supported cryptocurrencies.

The ALTS Trading Market

Please note that ALTS does not represent a new coin or token. It is the symbol for Binance’s new Combined Alts Trading Market.

Binance Team Announcement

With yesterday’s announcement, Binance compounds the ETH Trading Market giving it the moniker ‘ALTS’. The renaming came as a response to a crowded user interface. Binance is looking forward to listing more trading pairs in their ALTS Trading Market.

Ripple the Game Changer

Ripple’s XRP continues to rally. The coin superseded ETH as the second largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of over $15 billion.

More and more banks are contemplating supporting cryptocurrencies. With that said, Henri Arslanian of PricewaterhouseCoopers calls Ripple’s protocol a game changer. Ripple’s four-second settlement of international payments rivals that of SWIFT. The real-world application of XRP is evidence the market is on the verge of maturing.

Crypto Markets of 2019

Arslanian remarks next year will be invigorating to the cryptocurrency sector as institutional investors gain a foothold in the market. He says well-established businesses will tie up with crypto-related companies to increase their portfolios.

2019 will see security tokens and stablecoins enter center stage.


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