Bitcoin: let me play for a while

Bitcoin: let me play for a while users don’t leave us indifferent and every week we select the hottest discussions. This week, there was no such activity, as in the past, let’s see how it was.

  • I am on vacation, let me play for a while’ — says Bitcoin. Many people who bought it at 19,000$ are still crying. So yes, stable and steady growth is what people need now. Encomlab-redditor states: ‘It's the standard Bitcoin dichotomy — we want BTC to be a currency, so the price needs to stabilize, but we want BTC to be an investment, so we need the value to rise faster than inflation.’ and gets XX upvotes. Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?
  • Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak hopes bitcoin will become a single global currency. 2,7K upvoiters and, look, there is no word about WWDC.  The next user’s comment risks becoming No. 216 in the hottest discussion.
  • You can now accept Bitcoin on Twitch Live streamers on Twitch, a popular streaming platform that lets gamers create and watch live broadcasts, can now accept cryptocurrency donations. Redditor EZLIFE420 invites to ‘imagine twitch steamers receiving BTC micro donations through LN’. Wait and see, wait and see…
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