Bitcoin Siphoning Malware Infects Event-Stream

Bitcoin Siphoning Malware Infects Event-Stream

Malicious code was found in open-source Copay and BitPay. Now fixed, but stayed unnoticed for a while

Node.js is a widely used JavaScript backend framework for web applications. Node's functionality can be extended by adding various modules and libraries.

EventStream is one of the libraries that adds a lot of useful functions to Node.js. It has 2 million downloads and is used by Fortune 500 companies and many startups, with Copay and BitPay wallets being two of those companies.

EventStream is an open source code library and for a long time has been maintained by github user dominictarr.

At one point Dominic got tired and passed the publish rights to a random person who emailed him and asked him to give him the rights.

The person updated the library to include more modules that contained malware. The malware was designed to target cryptocurrency wallets that would include it into their production code. This backdoor would allow the person to siphon crypto out of user wallets.

The vulnerability went undetected for several weeks. Fortunately, no funds were stolen and the backdoor was eliminated.

For those interested in more details regarding the incident, you can access the comprehensive article entitled 'Widely used open source software contained bitcoin-stealing backdoor.'

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