BitConnect is the example of what pure human greed is capable of

BitConnect is the example of what pure human greed is capable of

BitConnect gets delisted from the last exchange where it was traded. Even after its failure, BCC’s daily trading volume on TradeSatoshi exceeded $10,000, now it dropped to almost zero.

That's a sad ending for many so-called 'investors', but many of us could have been in their shoes. The whole crypto space looks like a pump and dump now, many coins have fallen 95%, even the beloved ones, like NANO or Verge. But the case of BitConnect is the example of what pure human greed is capable of.

Right from the start, it was clear as a day, that all this is just another Ponzi scheme. However, no one could care less — the money poured into BitConnect at an astonishing rate — it was stated that in the end, the founders netted $3 billion. We can remember other famous Ponzi schemes — like one, organized by Charles Ponzi himself. Or another 20-years long one by Bernie Madoff, which raised more than $17.5 billion, and was stopped only by a financial crisis in 2008. It's just ridiculous that someone who promises a 2% a day return, instead of using this scheme to get rich himself, would tell about it to anyone. But instead of being mocked, they get billions of dollars. Is it strange? Not at all.

You can start BitConnect 2.0 today and still get money. Why? Because the greed and the desire to get rich never fades away, it sits deep inside human nature. And for those, who still hold BCC like a crypto memento, remember: you don't lose if you don't sell.

DISCLAIMER: all the articles are based on personal opinions of their authors and shouldn't be considered as investment recommendations. neither supports nor opposes any project or strategy, users must consider all relevant risk factors including their own personal financial situation.

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