Bitmain and Cryptocurrency Market Predictors Censored by WeChat

Bitmain and Cryptocurrency Market Predictors Censored by WeChat

China’s ultimate messaging app WeChat has cut off Bitmain and other accounts related to cryptocurrency.

Bitmain’s official WeChat account: antminersale is not available on the platform as of yesterday, the 10th of September. But another Bitmain account: antminer_official is still up as of this time.

WeChat cites Bitmain’s antminersale account has infringed on conditions for its terms of use. Bitmain has not obtained the proper credentials or licenses; this is according to the messenger app’s search redirection notice.

Those who were also affected by WeChat’s recent crypto-related account censorships include Delphy (a decentralized oracle and market predictor), and Goldcoins (an account that delves in cryptocurrency market analysis).

This is not the first move WeChat has done to restrict or ban accounts associated with virtual money. In the recent past, it has suspended the accounts of CoinDaily and Huobi News. WeChat Pay has put to a stop to payments made to any transactions linked with crypto. Over thirty accounts have been terminated up until this time.

With China’s tightening ban, some of its local cryptocurrency traders and exchanges have found ways to bypass restrictions. China’s citizen crypto traders have resulted to the use of VPNs and some exchanges have moved their business operations out of the country.

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