Blockchain Startup and Greenpeace Partnership

Blockchain Startup and Greenpeace Partnership

Little Phil, a blockchain charity startup, announces Greenpeace as one of the beta partners

Little Phil seeks to restore public trust in giving to charities by building a transparent infrastructure for crowdfunding, philanthropy and charity. Little Phil combines a number of technologies such as a public ledger, smart contracts and unique digital identity to provide givers with Proof-of-Need and Proof-of-Impact. With Little Phil, people will be able to donate money on their terms and track their giving all the way to the moment it’s received, which creates an engaging and fulfilling experience.

On October 10, Josh Murchie, CEO and co-founder of Little Phil, published an article on Medium announcing that Greenpeace will be one of the first charities to be featured on the Little Phil platform. Among other beta partners are Helping Hands, FutureSense Foundation, The World’s Biggest Garage Sale, and Livin.

Murchie further gives a quick background on Greenpeace and mentions some of its current projects including creating a coal-free future, making renewable energy available for everyone, protecting forests and oceans, ending plastic at its source, and defending democracy.

Little Phil is proud to be partnered with a variety of progressive charities from across the globe that have the foresight to implement emergent technologies that will help them toward their goals of making the world a better place. As they have first hand experience with industry wide problems, they are pivotal in shaping the future of charitable giving by collaborating with us through our alpha and beta testing phases of the platform.

Josh Murchie, CEO and co-founder of Little Phil

Little Phil is currently in pre-sale stage. To learn more about Little Phil, visit the website or read the whitepaper.

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