Blockchain technology won't last long

What's new? Bitcoin price to reach $60,000 in 2018, Satoshi Nakamoto’s real identity is probably known, Mastercard invests in blockchain, George Friedman thinks the blockchain’s days are numbered, EOS and its multiple problems & other news.

  • Philip Nunn remains confident in his January prediction. At the beginning of the year, he set the target for Bitcoin to reach $60,000 by the year's end. Now he's sure that nothing has changed fundamentally.
  • A tech journalist tried to get a response from NSA about Satoshi Nakamoto's real identity. But the request was rejected. However, there's a possibility that NSA has that information.
  • MasterCard has high hopes for blockchain technology. They started hiring blockchain developers and experts to open a new department, even testing Ripple. Visa is also on the same path.
  • George Friedman, a geopolitical forecaster, has an opinion that blockchain technology won't last long. He explains that every encryption technology was cracked in the end, by the USA, China or Russia.
  • Two years have passed since the DAO hack, according to Vlad Zamfir. This hack split Ethereum community and created Ethereum Classic fork, in an attempt to keep the chain immutable.
  • EOS has more and more problems since its launch. The ambitious project has provoked heated debates in the crypto community, about whether it's normal or not for a 4 billion dollar project to stop running after just a few days of uptime.
  • Each month, 50,000 new developers download Ethereum developing tools. The network is growing at an unprecedented rate. The number of Dapps has grown from 900 at the end of 2017 to more than 1,500 by now.
  • Christopher Matta, the head of Crescent Crypto Asset Management, claims it’s better to invest in a basket of cryptocurrencies instead of Bitcoin. Although all altcoins are tied to Bitcoin, in the end, it would be much less risky to diversify.
  • Yoni Assia, the CEO of eToro, a big trading platform, said that 90% of crypto projects will fail. He compared them to the ordinary startups, and it’s widely known that only a small percentage of new startups survive. However, Assia said that it’s still a good investment opportunity, like investing in internet many years ago.


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