Blockstream Block Explorer Goes Live

Blockstream Block Explorer Goes Live

The goal for developing the Blockstream Explorer is to give Liquid sidechain users the ability to monitor network activity and cross-check transactions

Blockstream, one of the institutions that fund Bitcoin Core development, announced that Blockstream Explorer is now accessible at

Blockstream is open to ideas on what users would like to see added to the new explorer. Users who have suggestions can contact the team through Twitter or email.

Blockstream Explorer Features

The block explorer offers support for current Bitcoin features, SegWit, and Bech 32. Its advantages are Bitcoin Mainnet, Testnet, and Liquid support, support for Confidential addresses, monitoring between Bitcoin-to-Liquid peg-in and peg-out, and an improved privacy provision for Tor V2 and V3.

The explorer is recently updated to include asset issuance details and other minor updates:

Additional Blockstream Announcements

Aside from the explorer, the blockchain company also announced the release of Liquid full node binaries and source code. Liquid Assets support from Trezor and Ledger will be made known on a future date.

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