Centralization vs. decentralization

Centralization vs. decentralization

Bitmain, the largest manufacturer of ASICs, plans to launch the IPO in August, and by the end of the year to have its stocks freely traded on Hong Kong exchange. The valuation of the company is expected to be between $30 billion and $35 billion

Look at Bitmain! That’s not an ICO, that’s an IPO. Bitmain is basically saying 'Yes, you can play with your crypto, whatever you want, we are from the different league'. And that’s probably right. It’s not like we suddenly wake up and find ourselves in a new wonder decentralized world, we still exist, and will exist in a world with stock markets, traditional investors, and a strong competition. In order to keep up, you have to grow.

And it’s the best way to raise a lot of money and to become a well-known company, to conduct an IPO and list your stocks on global exchanges. Bitmain will benefit from it, and the whole industry will benefit from it, because they will get new connections on traditional markets, and being the company from crypto market, will get an opportunity to lobby it. It's totally possible that

So it can be regarded as very positive news. Also, there's a rumor that we'll see Coinbase IPO this year.

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