Centralization vs. decentralization

Centralization vs. decentralization

Bitmain, the largest manufacturer of ASICs, plans to launch the IPO in August, and by the end of the year to have its stocks freely traded on Hong Kong exchange. The valuation of the company is expected to be between $30 billion and $35 billion

Look at Bitmain! That’s not an ICO, that’s an IPO. Bitmain is basically saying 'Yes, you can play with your crypto, whatever you want, we are from the different league'. And that’s probably right. It’s not like we suddenly wake up and find ourselves in a new wonder decentralized world, we still exist, and will exist in a world with stock markets, traditional investors, and a strong competition. In order to keep up, you have to grow.

And it’s the best way to raise a lot of money and to become a well-known company, to conduct an IPO and list your stocks on global exchanges. Bitmain will benefit from it, and the whole industry will benefit from it, because they will get new connections on traditional markets, and being the company from crypto market, will get an opportunity to lobby it. It's totally possible that

So it can be regarded as very positive news. Also, there's a rumor that we'll see Coinbase IPO this year.

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Does Decentralization Reduce the Likelihood of a Monopoly?

… and more crypto talk with top Hacker Noon writer Noam Levenson.Listen to the interview on iTunes, Google Podcast, or watch on YouTube.“The important question is not that is decentralized or centralized. It’s that the potential for a monopoly is impossible.”— Noam LevensonSubscribe to the Hacker Noon Podcast.Read more tech essays by Noam Levenson on Hacker Noon:The War For The Soul of CryptocurrencyDid the Cryptocurrency Revolution Fail?Why Cyptocurrencies Won’t Be Irrelevant For LongPopping The Bubble: Cryptocurrency vs. Dot ComTrust In A Trustless System? How Ontology Could Bring Big Business To BlockchainAn Undervalued Blockchain Market In China Is Good News For YouCardano: Ethereum and NEO Killer or Overhyped and Overpriced?Blockchains Need iExec: The Market Just Hasn’t Realized It YetRequest Network is more than just PayPal 2.0 — It could revolutionize the finance worldNEO versus Ethereum: Why NEO might be 2018’s strongest cryptocurrencyWhy Ark Deserves Your AttentionListen to more episodes of the Hacker Noon Podcast:Is Decentralized Governance The Future of Tokenized Assets? — with CoinList CEO Andy Bromberg: “A lot of the value of crypto right now has been in speculation and financial instruments, and so decentralized finance makes a lot of sense at first, but then moving to some of these other things, like decentralized governance, that seems like a natural next step as more and more people become involved.”Smart Contracts on Blockchain with Will Martino and Tony Pham: “Overall, where I see the whole space going, is the sharing economy — the Enterprise sharing economy. This is one where you’re redefining how consumers and businesses interact.”AI and Past Rediscovery with Robert Adamson: “The Earth as we know it is really simulated, some really advanced civilizations in the future could not computered in.”Subscribe to the Hacker Noon Podcast.Also check out May’s top stories, the latest stories, today’s homepage, and editors’ featured stories.Does Decentralization Reduce the Likelihood of a Monopoly? was originally published in Hacker Noon on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Ethereum Price Hits New 2019 ATH but Decentralization Brought into Question

Coinspeaker Ethereum Price Hits New 2019 ATH but Decentralization Brought into QuestionWhile the previous year we used to begin the articles with some sad news about the falling prices for cryptos including Ethereum and lost hops of investors, now that black stripe in life has been replaced with a white now. Ethereum has exceeded its short-term price prediction of $200 and now it is believed that it will reach its new height of $300 in the coming days.Now ETH is the second largest world’s crypto by market cap and at the press time, it is traded for $256.37 having gained over 30% during the last 7 days.Over the past days, we could observe rather impressive trading volumes of ETH. Within the previous 24 hours, it was close to $17 billion which is the largest trading volume the cryptocurrency has experienced this year.These days a great number of investors and traders worldwide are actively purchasing and selling ETH. The desire to increase ETH holdings today is explained by the belief that its price will continue growing.According to the data revealed by CoinMarketCap, the exchanges that have seen the highest trading volume of Ethereum are ZBG and EXX. The most popular trading pair to Ethereum across all major trading platforms is Tether (USDT).Why the Price Is GrowingThere are several reasons for the increase in ETH price but experts suppose that the fundamental one is the significant increase in the price of Bitcoin (BTC). When the price for Bitcoin is going up, the whole market joins this tendency. Nevertheless, in the case with ETH, there were also some other grounds. Its price skyrocketed after it had been revealed that Samsung is going to add support for Ethereum. Now the wallet available in the Galaxy phones of Samsung will support Ethereum-based ERC-20 tokens.Another reason for the price growth was the interest of Électricité de France (EDF), the world’s fifth largest electrical company, in the blockchain-based use-cases and solutions. To explore them the company has teamed up with Ethereum application “iExec”.But even this is not the end of the positively influencing factors. In the framework of Consensus 2019,  Joe Lubin of Ethereum and Jimmy Song, a Bitcoin educator, made a bet on the five-year future of Ethereum which has led to a new wave of buzz around ETH. If Ethereum Dapp economy goes down in five years, Song will receive nearly 7 BTC from Lubin. But if it doesn’t happen, Song will send 810 ETH to Lubin.Is It Really Decentralized?While the short-term forecasts for the ETH price are rather optimistic, there are some controversial things about this crypto and its decentralization.As recent research has indicated, one-third of all existing ETH is owned by just 376 whales. Such a situation calls into question true decentralization of this asset and the real use cases of it.The analysis has also found these whales have no real impact on the price of ETH as they are mostly holders. Nevertheless, they can seriously influence the market in case they make large sell-offs.Ethereum Price Hits New 2019 ATH but Decentralization Brought into Question

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