Chrome to Fortify Itself against Malicious Extensions

Chrome to Fortify Itself against Malicious Extensions

In an October 1 blog post, Google announced its plans to further tighten policy changes to prevent malicious extensions from propagating in the Chrome Web Store

Chrome extensions purpose are to give users the capacity to modify browser functionality to their meet needs and interests and to give developers permission to develop a wide range of functional extensions. Google finds it important to protect users against harmful and fraudulent extensions.

The upcoming changes that Google Chrome will undertake are:

  • User control for host permissions — users can restrict extension host access to only a customized list of sites or configure settings to include extra permission before accessing a page.
  • Changes to the extensions review process — an additional compliance review will be given to extensions that need powerful permissions and those that use a remotely hosted code.
  • New code readability requirements — use of obfuscated code will no longer be permitted.
  • Required 2-step verification — will be used for Chrome Web Developer Accounts. It will be available in 2019.

Chrome has also announced its plan for Manifest version 3 for 2019. The v3 will include changes for stronger security features, privacy, and better performance guarantees.

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