Comparison: ZCash, Monero and BEAM

Comparison: ZCash, Monero and BEAM

Beam Privacy has compared ZCash, Monero and BEAM by looking at three parameters: confidentiality, scalability, and auditability

The comparison is quite high level and does not claim to be complete — there are other factors in play besides the three we chose to address.

Beam Privacy


Monero scores very good on confidentiality, poor on scalability and poor on auditability as well.


Zcash has great privacy features, but they are computationally heavy and see little use so far. Zcash scalability is better than Monero’s, but still poor, and the auditability is poor as well, although Zcash has plans to improve it.


By implementing Mimblewimble, BEAM achieves excellent confidentiality and scalability, and the extensions to the protocol allow for excellent Auditability as well.

Finrazor has recently taken a close look at the follwing protocols: Monero, Zcash, Beam.

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