ConsenSys Obtains Asteroid Mining Firm

ConsenSys Obtains Asteroid Mining Firm

Planetary Resources Inc. revealed the leading blockchain company acquired the firm via asset-purchase transaction. Details of the transaction are not disclosed

Ethereum smart contract functionality is a natural solution for private-ordering and commerce in space—the only domain of human activity not ordered around territorial sovereignty—in which a diverse range of actors from a growing number of countries must coordinate and transact.

Brian Israel, Planetary Resources General Counsel

Planetary Resources Inc, which aims to commercialize and utilize resources from asteroids, is acquired by ConsenSys on 31 October. The pioneer space company was once funded by billionaires but encountered funding problems later on.

As per the agreement, Chris Lewicki, the President and CEO of Planetary Resources, together with Brian Israel will become a part of the blockchain firm.

ConsenSys’ Plans for the Space Company

In the released statement, Joseph Lubin of ConsenSys said that, through the acquisition, he intends to usher in deep space capabilities into the company’s ecosystem. This echoes ConsenSys’ belief in helping humanity shape new societal rules system through the potential of Ethereum.

ConsenSys’ New Team Members

Chris Lewicki worked as Flight Director for NASA’s Spirit and Opportunity Mars rovers. He also worked on the Phoenix Mars lander project prior to establishing Planetary Resources.

Brian Israel was once part of the US State Department’s Office of the Legal Adviser. He also served as the US Representative to the UN space law body.

Details on what positions Lewicki and Israel will take in ConsenSys are not yet revealed.

About Planetary Resources

Planetary Resources was founded on 1 January 2009. It was previously known as Arkyd Astronautics. To date, the firm has three missions: the ARKYD-301, the ARKYD-6 (currently in orbit), and the ARKYD-3R.

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Consensus 2019 was held in New York from 13th to 15th May. It is a grand event for all practitioners in the global blockchain industry. It brought together financial giants, blockchain start-ups, academic institutions, and regulatory authorities. In the three days, participants enjoyed the opportunity to network and exchange opinions with industry leaders on the topics of blockchain application use cases, technology development and policy supervision, etc. BHD’s appearance at the conference attracted the attention of many industry peers. It makes us wonder if the hard-disk mining could be the next best thing – would it bring destructive innovation to the traditional mining industry currently dominated by ASIC miners? As we know traditional mining is facing some serious problems at present: Centralization of Hash Power: the top 6 mining pools in the world account for more than 50% of the total hash power, individuals can hardly compete with those giants. It is now very difficult for ordinary newcomers to join the mining industry; ASIC Miner Monopoly: the world’s largest miner-manufacturer – BitMain, takes up more than 60% of the market share; Massive Energy Consumption: The annual power consumption of the BTC network currently exceeds the total power consumption of more than 100 countries. (There is gold hidden in the bag) BHD is a new cryptocurrency based on Conditioned Proof of Capacity (CPOC). It uses the hard disk as the consensus participant, reduces power consumption and entry barrier, generates credit and value through mathematical algorithms and distributed mining. The production of cryptocurrency becomes more decentralized, secure and credible so that everyone can mine with ease. At the consensus meeting, BHD was invited by many organizers,  BHD at the Bitmart venue.:2019 block plus summit series 2 【NEW YORK BLOCKCHAIN WEEEK 】 BHD at the venue:GLOBAL DIGITAL IMPACTNIGHT “New consensus, New Era” hosted by BHD community The “New consensus, New Era” event hosted by BHD community and co-sponsored by Hpool, HDpool, 51ASIC and BitATM happened on 14th May in the Hilton NY. Gary Chang, Hpool COO, and KOL of the BHD community mentioned in the meeting that the POC consensus adopted by BHD will surely bring an all-new era for mining. He mentioned that compared with ASIC mining, the cost of hard-disk mining is much lower, hard disk is also the most decentralized mining hardware in the world. He called on all people to participate in the POC ecosystem as he believes POC can truly realize the original vision of Nakamoto’s one person, one vote. At the same time, Tao Quming, Vice General Manager of Wanxiang Blockchain; Eric, Vice President of Bitmart; Dr. Cao, co-founder of and David, founder of the French Crypto Currency Association Club, spoke at the event to express their recognition of and support for the BHD ecosystem. It is believed that the unique mining method and economic model make BHD a black horse, as more POC currencies will emerge in the next decade, BHD will soon become the “BTC” of the POC ecosystem. We believe that the innovation of consensus is inevitable, and the change may happen to start from the most fundamental protocol. Will BHD bring revolution to the industry and redefine mining and consensus? We will have to wait to see the answer The post BitcoinHD Appearance at Consensus 2019 NY, Revolution in the Mining Industry? appeared first on ZyCrypto.

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