Crazy ICOs Where You Are Only Buying The Whitepaper Promise

This week, the twitter community is immersed in technology, Vitalik Buterin and pray for the growth of Bitcoin

No, it actually a very big deal.
Broadcasting tx without internet is pretty easy. Receiving entire Bitcoin blockhain without internet is pretty hard, but thanks to @Blockstream now it's easy as well.

  • @davidweisss: ‘hyperbitcoinization means usd goes to zero in btc terms (up to 10M$/BTC).
    So the ratio would go down until equity is priced in bitcoin.’
  • @alansilbert: ‘500 days to go until Bitcoin reward halving ’
  • @licuende: ‘Vitalik Buterin improvising a grants program on Twitter to fund Ethereum's scalability’
  • @bitcoinist: ‘Blockstream Satellite Now Means Most Of The World Can Use Bitcoin Without Internet’


8,744 USD -2.40%
Volume, 24h
3,497,717,274 USD
153,922,072,217 USD

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