Crypto-tour round the world

Let's start the trip: China is able to use smartphones as BTC wallets, Ukraine is on the way to accept cryptocurrency and almost half of all South Africans are ready to become crypto investors.

Huawei offers digital Bitcoin wallets to its Chinese users

Since May 11, Owners of Huawei smartphones have been able to download and test the new cryptocurrency wallet application from the Huawei AppStore. This decision helps address the lack of crypto app possibilities in China that has arisen due to certain features of new Chinese regulatory policies and the government’s difficult relationship with the Google Play Store and parts of the Apple App Store.

However, despite the authorities’ tough policies concerning ICO and trading platforms, cryptocurrencies are rather popular in China which can be seen by the release of the Token360 application.

Huawei takes a leading position in the Chinese market and is one of the top 5 smartphone producers (by sale volume) in the world.

Slightly earlier, the crypto community got excited when they heard that Huawei plans to release cryptophones, smartphones tailored to cryptocurrency users.

Ukraine could possibly legalize cryptocurrencies

At the request of Council for national security and defense preparation of the concept that regulates cryptocurrencies market comes to the end. The interdepartmental working group with the participation of regulators of the financial market and participants of the market is engaged in development. At the heart of the concept is the fact that cryptocurrencies will be recognized as one of types of assets which bargain on platforms. National Securities and Stock Market Commission will act as a regulator of this market.

Oleg Chury, Deputy Head of Ukraine National Bank

According to him, activity in the cryptocurrency market would be licensed, and participants in the market would be responsible for implementing a system of financial monitoring when carrying out operations.

Ukraine is finally beginning to enter into the list of countries which have chosen the way of legislative regulation instead of thoughtless restriction.

More than 47% of South Africans have plans to invest in cryptocurrencies

According to results of MyBroadband 2018 research which came to an end last month, 47% of South African residents are planning to invest their savings in cryptocurrencies.

It should be noted that the Republic of South Africa possesses the most difficult financial and economic sector on the African continent and its citizens quite often make investments in cryptocurrency, regardless on the impending regulation of virtual currencies worldwide.

Out of the citizens interviewed who don't currently own cryptocurrency, nearly half have said that they are planning to invest this year in at least one digital currency or to buy equipment for mining.

This region could not be considered great for mining, but that doesn't stop people who see an opportunity from trying to resolve their own financial issues and to make a profit.

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