Daily, June 1, ’18

Daily, June 1, ’18

Bittrex, Deutsche Börse, Waves, Paxos, GUMI, CariNet, India, El Petro

  • Bittrex has reached an agreement with New York-based Signature Bank allowing corporate investors to trade digital assets to US dollars.
  • Deutsche Börse, a German stock exchange, plans to spend $315M on innovative techologies, including blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Waves, an open-source blockchain platform for launching customized cryptocurrency tokens, has officially stated that it remains fully active and any information on the project’s bankruptcy is false. Rumors were spread after the alleged liquidation of the Waves legal entity registered in the UK.
  • Paxos, a blockchain and cryptocurrency startup, has recently raised $65M from various VC investors which will be used to extend its operations and launch new products.
  • GUMI, the creator of Final Fantasy game, has announced a new cryptocurrency fund with an initial investment of $30M, with the goal of investing in early-stage crypto startups.
  • The Carribean launched the CariNet project which will establish a blockchain payment and digital finance infrastructures and construct a blockchain intelligence international trading platform.
  • India has rejected Venezuela’s state-backed cryptocurrency, El Petro, despite an attempt to entice India with a 30% discount on crude oil imports, as any trade in cryptocurrency is banned by the Reserve Bank of India.


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