Daily, May 01, ’18

BCH, BTC, Coinmarketcap, Vitalik Buterin, ICO, South Korea

  • Bitcoin Cash fixes its page but it's too late because the option that depicted Bitcoin Cash as Bitcoin, is gone, but the group in Telegram, created to oppose that non-stop long fraud, is still growing.
  • Coinmarketcap celebrates its fifth anniversary, presenting a totally new design and logo, and releasing a new iOS application.
  • Vitalik Buterin shared a new repository code with a documentation that describes how sharding works in Ethereum network.
  • Robert Jackson, SEC commissioner, thinks that ICOs must be regulated because investors are having a hard time and the market resembles Wild West.
  • South Korea’s central bank is considering cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications for its project for a cashless society and plans to become a ‘cash-free society’ by 2020.
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