Daily, May 09, ’18

Winklevoss, Cardano, Ripple, Casper, Galaxy Crypto Index

  • Winklevoss IP company got a patent for the method of calculating the exchange products (ETP), tied to the rate of cryptocurrency.
  • One of the leading South Korean mobile payment platforms Metaps Plus, will accept Cardano (ADA) as a means of payment.
  • Ripple announced a partnership with Korea’s Coinone Transfer.
  • The creators of Ethereum published the first version of the Casper update code.
  • The Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index (BGCI), created by Bloomberg and Galaxy Digital Capital Management LP, founded by the investor Mike Novogratz, entered the market.


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Cardano Price Analysis: The Buyer’s Hope Looks Fuzzy as Cardano (ADA) Touches $0.047 Support Level

ADA Price Analysis – August 17 Cardano (ADA) price takes a deep dig and drops to $0.047 but the coin is expected to recover in a few days. ADA/USD Market Key Levels: Supply levels: $0.060, $0.065, $0.070 Demand levels: $0.035, $0.030, $0.025 ADAUSD – Daily Chart Cardano (ADA) tried to maintain an uptrend in the last week’s chart. The traders were deeply impressed by the coin. ADA inclined in the rank chart of the crypto market and replaced Tron (TRX). Everything was going well until yesterday’s drop when the market drenched in blood. It would take some time for ADA to come out of the downward trend. At the moment, the market is ranging and moving under 21-day MA. If we can see an increasing volume coupled with a bullish regroup, the ADA/USD pair will start to correct gain significantly on the upside. Otherwise, the bear pressure will become severe with more losses. However, the Cardano price is expected to retest supply at $0.049 before the rally continues. Watching out for the next level of supply; the $0.060, $0.065 and $0.070 levels seem closer for the bull sides. In the opposite direction, the ADA/USD pair may roll back to $0.35 demand if the bears step back in the market. A break at $0.030 could establish a new 2019 low at $0.025 and below. Currently, the market is indecisive as RSI (14) moves in sideways. ADA/BTC Market Against BTC, the market is seen to be moving within the symmetric triangle where the price is expected to be broken out as revealed in the daily chart. Should the price breaks above the upper side of the symmetric triangle, then, the market may experience an upward trend and it could move towards the nearest supply level of 600 SAT. Furthermore, the bullish sentiment could push the market to reach 650 SAT and 700 SAT supply levels. In other words, if Cardano crosses down the bottom line of the symmetric triangle, the market is expected to reach the demand zones of 300 SAT and 250 SAT price levels. The stochastic RSI indicator confirms that the market is approaching the oversold territory. Please note: cryptovibes.com is not a financial advisor. Do your research before investing your funds in any financial asset or presented product or event. We are not responsible for your investing results. The post Cardano Price Analysis: The Buyer’s Hope Looks Fuzzy as Cardano (ADA) Touches $0.047 Support Level appeared first on FXTimes.com - Daily Cryptocurrency and FX News.

83% of Coinbase Customers With Large XRP Holdings Are Still Buying Despite the Incessant Drops

According to data from the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange, the majority of large investors (10% of platform’s traders with the largest coin funds) in Bitcoin (BTC) and Ripple (XRP) keep buying the digital currency. Via Coinbase.com Most users on Twitter noted that the actual owners of the XRP coins are in “hodl mode”, and not ready to “dump” the cryptocurrency. The Fear & Greed Index Reached An Extreme Fear The Fear & Greed Index released by the Alternative.me platform is in the “extreme fear” range. It has reached the lowest rate (11 out of 100) over the last 244 days. The same figure was recorded on December 13, 2018, when the BTC rate dropped to $3,000. On August 6, the index reached 66, which means intense greed. A sharp decrease in the index corresponded with a drop in the Bitcoin value, which is now trading in the range above $10,000. The greed indicator designates the danger of a bearish trend, and strong fear, on the contrary, indicates a correction in the upward direction. According to Alternative.me experts, the current market situation provides unique opportunities for the acquisition of digital currencies, and the whales use this one. It is indicated on the Coinbase website that over the past day, 71% of Bitcoin owners keep purchasing amid high volatility. This figure reached 83% among investors in XRP. Thus, money-bags started to increase the amount in digital currencies again. Therefore, there are two scenarios: The digital asset’s price will start increasing if the whales buy at a low rate on the principle of the outlook for the future; The digital asset’s price keeps dropping if investors buy coins before the upcoming dump. However, the XRP trade volume almost bisected between August 15 and 16 (from $2.1 to $1.1 billion), so tokens are not purchased in great amounts. Nevertheless, in December last year, these figures before the pump fell by about 25%. Thus, the probability of a reversal is remaining at the moment. However, a bearish trend line formed on the chart over three months and indicators indicate a further price reduction for XRP. The post 83% of Coinbase Customers With Large XRP Holdings Are Still Buying Despite the Incessant Drops appeared first on ZyCrypto.

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