Daily, May 30, ’18

Daily, May 30, ’18

John McAfee, Crypto addiction, Tokyo Stock Exchange, ETC fork, Spencer Bogart, Buda exchange, Xi Jinping, ICON, SEC

  • John McAfee twitted that his own coin regarded as McAfee coin is going to be a fiat currencies backed by crypto and is about to be launched in 26 days.
  • A Scottish hospital has begun treating patients reportedly addicted to trading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin in the same manner as those with similar attractions to gambling.
  • Six Japanese companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange revealed that they have some plans on launching their own crypto exchanges.
  • The upcoming ETC fork will diffuse 'the difficulty bomb' from the Ethereum Classic Mainnet at block 5,900,000, otherwise, mining will not be profitable in a few months from now.
  • Spencer Bogart, a well-known venture capitalist, said that Bitcoin is a great investment option because of the substantial institutional interest involved around it. He gives an advice to buy Bitcoin at $7,000, as it will possibly reach $10,000 this year.
  • Chilean crypto exchange Buda.com has been launched in Argentina, providing a platform for users who want to buy or sell cryptocurrencies in Argentine pesos.
  • Chinese President Xi Jinping, speaking at an annual academic conference hosted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has acknowledged that blockchain is a crucial part of a technology revolution.
  • ICON, the Korean blockchain network, partners with TRIVE, a venture capital company based in Singapore, in order to educate, equip and empower the regional startup and blockchain community. ICON’s token ICX has increased up to 23.5% on the day.
  • The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requested to cease the activities of a fraudulent ICO launched by Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services Inc., which defrauded investors of $21M.


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