Daily, May 31, ’18

Daily, May 31, ’18

South Korea, Robert Shiller, GoldMint, the Muslim community, Brad Garlinghouse, Canada, Brazil

  • The South Korean Supreme Court has ruled that cryptocurrency is an asset with measurable value that can be confiscated.
  • Robert Shiller, a Nobel Prize laureate in Economics, predicts that Bitcoin might not exist in the next 100 years pointed out that it was hard to know the future of cryptocurrency with any certainty.
  • GoldMint, the provider of gold-backed cryptoassets, collaborates with Sumus to integrate their stake-distributed consensus algorithm to increase the number of network nodes and streamline transaction rates.
  • Despite the declaration of Muhammad Abu Bakar, a certified Muslim legal expert, of Bitcoin as halal, some other prominent voices in the global Islamic community have declared and maintained that Bitcoin is haram.
  • Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple’s CEO, stated that the influence of Bitcoin over the prices of all digital assets will end soon.
  • Hackers have recently attacked two Canadian banks, Simplii Financial and Bank of Montreal, taking under control an address with about $5 million in XRP.
  • Brazil is becoming increasing interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and today more Brazilians have cryptocurrency accounts than stock brokerage accounts.


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