Do We Know Enough About Cryptocurrencies?

Redditors have been asking this since the beginning of the year. The market is bearish — resulting in a vacuum of activities, — so everyone is looking for significant knowledge to collect expertise bit by bit. We've selected the most interesting branches which can push you to thoughts

• Ann interesting youtube review: The weekly Bitcoin Cash news show is out.

Binance will add additional trading pairs for BCHABC and BCHSV

What is the definition of "Cold Storage" in the context of Bitcoin (#BTC) and cryptocurrencies?

What if the Secret Service is actively sabotaging the Bitcoin movement? Bitcoin easily fits these criteria from govt point of view. (Credit: screenshot from Aaron Swartz movie)

Satoshi disappeared when Gavin Andresen told him that the FBI had contacted him and wanted an interview. Andresen agreed to the interview and Satoshi hasn't been heard from since. Shortly after Greg Maxwell began his efforts to force Andresen, a very affable, non-confrontational guy, out with bully tactics. As Andresen was being forced out, the censorship, sock puppets and paid shill propaganda began to become more and more prominent. Read the CIA documents on political warfare, it reads like the story of Blockstream.

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