Explain Bitcoin to my mother

Explain Bitcoin to my mother

Active Twitter users not only talk about the important things of today, but often return to the roots. Again and again, there is a need for basic information about the crypto industry. Anyway, there are too many hot tweet-discussions this week that we hardly chose the most interesting of.

  • @thedailybitnews: ‘Coinbase getting into the Instagram ad game. More folks going to sleep tonight counting sheep with $BTC sheared into their wool. Also love the casual ~$73k account balance’. It seems like this news has not left anyone indifferent.

I just love Bitcoin, it is the ultimate banner for all anti-bullshitters to rally under. Never before has there been such a pure force that united people from so many different professions and backgrounds under one monolithic moniker: The destruction of all rent-seeking behavior!

  • @VentureCoinist crosses his fingers for good luck: ‘If $ETH can cross and close above the .072 mark it would be a nice sign for alts.
    First chart showing that simple trendline resistance being tested. Second showing the same level using fibs/horizontal levels.’
  • @MattoshiN expresses a common opinion about which not everyone can say aloud: ‘The more I learn about cryptocurrency, the less I know. Beware of anyone who claims to be an expert.’

Too many crypto founders are worried about who is on their advisory board, which fund logos they can put on their deck, and how large their Telegram groups are. They should be much more worried about whether their products work and if people want to use it.

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