Famous Billionaire Gives Up On Blockchain While Whales Acquires Huge Amounts of BTC Over The Counter

Binance invests millions in Contentos, Li Xiaolai gives up, investors accumulates BTC in OTC, $15M for stablecoin, Acronis plans to invest $20M in Arizona, ConsenSys invests $6.5M in DrumG Technologies, Veem gets $25M from Goldman Sachs, SEBA raises $103M, VC firms increase investments by 280%, KIP plans to invest in Temco

  • In an October 1st press release, Binance labs announced it has invested millions of dollars in startup Contentos. Contentos is going to develop a decentralized system for the monetization of content without the involvement of any third-party censorship.
  • Li Xiaolai is contemplating on a career change. He publicly states he is giving up on investing in blockchain. China’s Bitcoin billionaire appears to have been fed up with fraudulent actors in the crypto space.
  • Whales are acquiring huge amounts of Bitcoin over the counter, according to Bobby Cho, head of trading at Cumberland. If these high net-worth institutional investors are hoarding Bitcoin then it should reflect in the market, but the market has been stable for the past two months.
  • Venture Capital firm Andreessen Horowitz venture invested a reported $15 million stablecoin in MakerDAO (MKR). The stablecoin is built on Ethereum. It was supposedly made to stabilize the price of DAI.
  • Acronis plans to enter the blockchain and AI market. The cyber protection and hybrid cloud solutions company intends to increase its investment by $20 million in Arizona for the next three years by providing jobs through the expansion of its operations and as well as its research and development department.
  • ConsenSys invested $6.5 million in DrumG Technologies, a startup started by Tim Grant, who is also the former head of Business Development in R3. ConsenSys is the only investor in its Series A funding round. Joseph Lubin, ConsenSys founder and CEO is on the Board of Directors of DrumG Technologies.
  • Goldman Sachs invested $25 million to DLT-based payments system Veem. The banking giant invested in the startup through its Principal Strategic Investment Group. In the previous months, the Goldman Sachs group has supported a number of DLT projects.
  • Seba Crypto AG successfully raised over $103 million or 100 million Swiss francs to start a regulated bank for fiat to crypto trading. SEBA is lead by former UBS executives.
  • Diar publishes a report that shows an increase of investments from venture capital firms by 280% in 2018. The report mentions data from Pitchbook that ICOs have raised $3.9 billion from VC firms this year.
  • South Korean venture capital firm KIP publicized on Tuesday their intention to invest in Temco. The amount invested will remain undisclosed. Temco is another startup targeted at improving the supply chain management systems for small and medium enterprises through blockchain technology.


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As this Thursday almost comes to a close, there are still pretty high expectations for Bitcoin. More specifically, it seems as if the Bitcoin price is on the verge of testing $5,300 but it has not successfully done so. The current momentum indicates another potential uptrend is looming on the horizon, although its chance of success remains to be determined. Where Art Thou Heading, Bitcoin Price? It has been a pretty interesting week for Bitcoin enthusiasts and speculators. The lack of any bearish momentum tends to make a lot of people excited, even though the actual gains over the past few days are pretty small in general. Even today, there is a very small bump in the right direction, but insufficient to break the $5,300 resistance. To put this in perspective, there is a 0.82% gain to bring the current Bitcoin price to $5,290. It is a very solid price level, for all intents and purposes, yet it also falls short for those who want to see a massive bull trend. The $13bn worth of trading volume should, in theory, be sufficient to keep the uptrend going and even test the $5,300 level before the day is over. Social media is often considered to be a rumor mill when it comes to cryptocurrency markets, among other things. Pomp claims Wall Street is talking about Bitcoin again, because he has “sources” regarding such matters. Most people will know Wall Street never stopped talking about Bitcoin, yet its influence on the price remains rather unclear at this time. Wall Street is talking about Bitcoin again now that sentiment is shifting and they realize it won’t go to zero — Pomp (@APompliano) April 18, 2019 Paul Bucklad has a very different view on Bitcoin, albeit from a more philosophical point of view. He expects Bitcoin to come out on top following the next major financial crisis, which will seemingly occur sooner rather than later. It will be interesting to see if BTC can get a nudge from such a calamity, although it seems unlikely any major shift would occur right away. Thespians acting in a theater set ablaze cannot act their way into being real firemen. The financial system is ablaze. The actors are still performing. #Bitcoin will act as a salve for the audience caught in the ensuing calamity. — Paul Bucklad (@PBucklad) April 18, 2019 Last but not least, Cryptomer would like to inform the world as to why people trade altcoins and “shitcoins”. The main purpose of doing so is to accumulate more Bitcoin, rather than actually believing in those alternative projects. There is nothing wrong with increasing one’s Bitcoin holdings through any legitimate means, even if it involves trading some currencies which others wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole. Those you call #Shitcoin gone x2 x3 x4 x5 from the bottom.. You could have more #BTC today if you traded them. You trade #altcoins to pay bills and accumulate more #Bitcoin.. They don't bite.. You can still be a maximalist and trade #shitcoins.. It's not against the code.. — CƦYP₮ΘɱΞƦ (@Crypt0mer) April 18, 2019 All of the signs indicate Bitcoin will hit $5,300 well before the day is over. The only question is whether or not that level can be sustained and eventually turned into a new support level. Assuming that will be the case, the bullish uptrend could reach higher values over the course of the weekend. For now, everyone has to patiently wait and see how things will evolve exactly. Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency. Image(s): Shutterstock.com The post Bitcoin Price Might Finally Surpass $5,300 After Week-long Struggle appeared first on NullTX.

Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin XRP ADA BNB BCHSV Technical Analysis Chart 4/18/2019 by ChartGuys.com

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24 Hours Price Forecast: Binance Coin [BNB], Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and EOS

BNB has managed to breach resistance levels of USD 20 to attain a new high of USD 21. BCH has been range bound for the last 24 hours seemingly portraying a market that may be headed south. EOS has also been on a sideways market with indications that it may dip further. BNB/USD The last 24 hours have seen BNB breach resistance levels set at USD 20 and attain a high of USD 21. This positive rally could mainly be attributed to the success of their coin burn. The market was range-bound in the past 24 hours within support at USD 19.5 and resistance at USD 20. However, bullish engulfing saw this sideways market breached to the upwards and the currency managed to rally and achieve a high of USD 21. Three white soldiers candlestick pattern seem to suggest that the bulls may push the price even further up. BNB Forecast The RSI is currently over 70(overbought levels). The three white soldiers candlestick pattern may also indicate that we expect a further rise in price. However, traders ought to be cautious and place their support levels at USD 20.5 as the price rallies even further. BCH/USD BCH has been range bound for the last 24 hours seemingly finding resistance at USD 315 and support at USD 304. The market seems to be on consolidation after the recent rally that saw the price rise from USD 285. The MAs are also intertwined seemingly portraying a market that has lost momentum as the next price movement is sought. BCH Forecast The RSI is between the levels of 40 and 60 seemingly portraying a market that has lost momentum as the next price movement is sought. It is however currently pointed to the southwards headed towards the level of 40. We should expect a dip in price with support at USD 304. Once the price bounces back from this, traders can expect it to either pull a double bottom and attain a new high, breaching its resistance levels or rise to a high of USD 315 where it will experience resistance. EOS/USD The last 24 hours have seen EOS trade on a sideways market seemingly finding resistance at USD 5.57 and support at USD 5.45. The RSI has also been hovering between the levels of 40 and 60. This may indicate a market that is waiting for the next price movement. The three black crows formed in the last few hours seemingly portray a market that may be headed south. EOS Forecast Traders can expect a market that may head south. Temporary support levels can be placed at USD 5.44. If this is breached then the market may take a southward dive and the next support levels may be at USD 5.25. The post 24 Hours Price Forecast: Binance Coin [BNB], Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and EOS appeared first on ZyCrypto.

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