Free Ross Ulbricht Petition Closing In On 70,000 signatures

Free Ross Ulbricht Petition Closing In On 70,000 signatures

Now Ross is serving a double-life sentence plus 40 years without the possibility of parole

A petition to pardon Ross Ulbricht approaches 70,000 signatures. Young and passionate about free markets and privacy, Ross created Silk Road — the first darknet market — to show people that they have the right to buy and sell anything ‘so long as [they] are not hurting anyone else’. For more info, visit the Ulbricht family website.

Actually, the roots of popular myth 'Bitcoin CEO went to jail' take place here.

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Silk Roads’ Founder Ross Ulbricht Gets Transferred to a New High-Security Prison

Silk Roads’ Founder—Ross Ulbricht has been shifted to yet another high-security prison. Ross has been transferred to USP Tucson, which according to federal authorities is another high-security prison. In this new facility, Ross will be held with few hardcore gang members and high profile murderers than in his former prison. Silk Road’s Founder Transferred Prisons Again Although the new Tucson facility is said to hold a few gang members and murderers, it does hold a higher number of sex offenders. The high numbers of sex offenders can be attributed to the Sex Offender Management Program run by the USP Tucson prison. Currently, Ross is about to start serving a double life sentence, with an additional forty years with no chance of ever being paroled. Since the start of this process, Ross has found himself being moved from one prison to another. However, the current prison where he has just been transferred to was as a result of a recommendation made by Judge Katherine Bolan Forest. If you have been following the case closely, you will remember that this is the same judge who oversaw Ross’s case. USP Tucson was the second recommendation after FCI Petersburg. The latter is said to be more of a medium security facility. It was also aimed at providing Ross with a better and safe ecosystem that would enable him to serve the remainder of his double life sentence without coming to any harm. During his trial, Ross Ulbricht was initially held at a correctional facility located in New York—the Metropolitan Correctional Center. After his sentencing was made in July 2017, he was immediately transferred to USP Florence High which is located in Colorado. Those who are familiar with the correctional facility routinely refer to it as the ‘Alcatraz of the Rockies.’ This is where Ross stayed until his latest transfer came through which has seen him being sent to USP Tucson located in Arizona. His sentence primarily comprises of double life imprisonment which is then followed up with an additional forty years. The sentence was handed down by Judge Katherine when Ulbricht was found guilty of money laundering, conspiracy to aid in trafficking narcotics, and computer hacking. All these charges stem from his creation of an internet marketplace known as Silk Road. Internet users were able to sell and buy goods from the marketplace without having to divulge their personal information. Silk Road was created in line with Ross’s vision to come up with a free market that would make it easier for people to transact anonymously without any individual ever getting harmed. The process of developing the marketplace started in 2010 and was operational for three years until October 2013. It officially came to a close when the federal authorities arrested Ross. His arrest occurred when he was visiting the science fiction section of a library in the San Fernando area. According to the federal authorities, Ross was the founder and developer of the Silk Road marketplace. The family is still hopeful that Ross will one day be moved to a medium-level security prison as he is not a dangerous criminal.
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Silk Road’s Ross Ulbricht Moved to Another High Security Prison

Ross Ulbricht has been transferred to a new prison. This time to USP Tucson, yet another high security prison where he will be locked up likely alongside fewer murderers and hardcore gang members than previously.   Ross Ulbricht Moved Again But more sex offenders owing to the prison’s Sex Offender Management Program; this could make it a safer place compared to a regular high security prison. Ulbricht is in the process of serving a double life sentence as well as another forty years without a chance of parole. Since the whole process started, Ulbricht has been through different prisons, but the current one had been recommended second by Judge Katherine Bolan Forrest, who oversaw the case. The first recommendation was reportedly FCI Petersburg; a medium security system, which granted him a safer environment for his life sentence. Ross Ulbricht writing in prison Ulbricht was first kept during his trial at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York. Right after his sentence was given in July 2017, he was moved to USP Florence High in Colorado – known as the ‘Alcatraz of the Rockies’ – where he stayed until he was moved to USP Tucson, Arizona. Ulbricht’s sentence consists of double life imprisonment and an amount of forty extra years, since he was found guilty of computer hacking, money laundering, as well as conspiracy to traffic narcotics due to the creation of Silk Road, an anonymous marketplace where people were able to sell and buy things anonymously. The marketplace was in line with Ulbricht’s vision of a free market, where people could be able to transact as long as nobody was hurt in the process. He started out developing the web site back in 2010 and kept it running up until October, 2013, when federal authorities arrested him in the science fiction section of a San Francisco library. The U.S. government accused him of being the main creator behind Silk Road. His mother, Lyn Ulbricht, is still hoping that Ross can be moved to a non-high security prison in the future, since she does not see him as a dangerous criminal. She hopes that a few years of good behavior will grant him the opportunity to be moved over to at least a medium security facility. She recently told Yahoo Finance UK: I can’t let him rot in prison like this. I don’t see how I can just go, ‘Hey Ross, sorry bye, I’m going to go off and pursue my bliss’ or whatever, get a hobby. I can’t imagine just leaving him there. According to what has been posted on the Free Ross twitter account, Ulbricht’s family will not stop fighting to get his sentence reduced. They have been trying their best to spread the word about the injustice they feel has happened with their son, and currently, they are working on getting signatures on a petition, where they have 150,000 signatures target. Thanks to all of Ulbricht’s supporters, they are approaching that goal. Ulbricht has also enjoyed support from high places. A candidate for U.S. Senate, Eric Brakey, recently promised to speak with President Trump about clemency for Ross Ulbricht. Mr. Brakey, however, ultimately lost to incumbent Senator Angus King. Will Ross Ulbricht ever be pardoned? Share your thoughts below! Images courtesy of Shutterstock The post Silk Road’s Ross Ulbricht Moved to Another High Security Prison appeared first on

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