Fresh off the press!

Fresh off the press!

For 280 characters, the Twitter ‘inhabitants’ are sometimes even too chatty: so, here are the passions around the new HTC phone, Vitalik Buterin thoughts on the convenience of crypto for people, and the BCH one-year birthday

  • @APompliano: ‘The best kep secret in crypto is that the institutional investors are already here.’

I think there's too much emphasis on BTC/ETH/whatever ETFs, and not enough emphasis on making it easier for people to buy $5 to $100 in cryptocurrency via cards at corner stores. The former is better for pumping price, but the latter is much better for actual adoption.

Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum founder

  • @lopp: ‘Bitcoin whitepaper purists should take note that the following things are NOT described in the whitepaper:
    > multisig
    > mining pools
    > 21M coin cap
    > GPU & ASIC mining
    > 10 minute block times
    > HD address generation
    > best chain = cumulative PoW, not longest chain’
    And much, much more… Is there anything to add?
  • @SatoshiLite told about the new model of HTC phone — HTC Exodus — which will support LTC and Lightning Network on Litecoin natively.
  • @koeppelmann reasons for decentralization: ‘Sure — decentralization instead of 21 block producers comes at a price.’

BCH is 1 year old. Serious question: what has been accomplished in this year other than integrating into most of the infrastructure that already supported BTC?

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