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While crypto markets fall slightly, crypto investors keep the high BTC predictions coming & other news.

Bitcoin will grow 30 times by 2022 — predicts Tim Draper

The venture capitalist is sure that in four years the cost of bitcoin will reach $ 250,000.

The recent rise of bitcoins price has brought to a numerous predictions from experts and analysts, and some have offered 'enormous' benefits from cryptocurrency in 2018 and further.

The famous venture capitalist and the founder of the Draper Fisher Jurvetson company Tim Draper considers, that in four years the price of Bitcoin will reach a point of 250 000 dollars.

Believe it. They’re going to think you’re crazy, but believe it. It’s happening and it’s going to be awesome!

Tim Draper @Block (Chain) Party at the Drayper University in San Mateo, California, on April 12

Draper is known for the interest in Internet technologies. He has begun to invest in this sphere slightly from the moment of it appearance. Tim invested in Tesla and Skype at stages of formation of projects, supported by financing — CoinLab, VerifyBTC and BitWall. Also he had enough foresight to acquire 30 000 BTC from a sale after closing of Silk Road in 2014. At that time the first cryptocurrency cost were about 600 dollars. At the end of March it became known that Draper has decided to invest in the Chinese blockchain project of VeChain.

Draper already made the similar statement for the bitcoin price In September 2014, in an interview with Fox Business, Draper claimed Bitcoin would hit $10,000 USD in three years. Bitcoin was worth $413 USD at the time of the interview, and at the end of November 2017 it reached 10000$ mark.

Will the next forecast of Draper come true or not — it is difficult to tell, but the success of his investments into perspective projects at the early stages, at least makes us listen to his words and watch after his actions.

The second largest stock exchange in Germany, Börse Stuttgart, presented an application for trading cryptocurrencies

Service Bison plan to launch in September and start with the trade of BTC, ETH, XRP and LTC.

The second largest stock exchange of Germany — Börse Stuttgart, plans to start the application for cryptocurrencies trading, which received name Bison.

App is aiming to maximize a simplification of trading in the world of cryptocurrencies. From additional benefits the application is equipped with the ‘Crypto Radar’ function, which analyzes over 250 000 tweets and gives the most important information on cryptocurrencies and also shows what coins in discussions top. Useful advantage, because one person not able to analyse such number of accounts and news to possess relevant information.

Besides, they claim that the application won't need the existence of a crypto wallet and there won't be no fee for trading, what makes the application even more attractive. Of course it is unclear whether it will be a constant absence of the commission and the team will work at a exclusive enthusiasm, or the commissions after all will appear.

Last week the application was presented for public in Stuttgart. At first it will be available only at Germany, but the first comments about project can be available already very soon.

Crypto-exchange Coinbase bought a startup Cipher Browser

They created a product that competes with the new service of the exchange — the decentralized mobile browser Toshi.

The Coinbase exchange has confirmed purchase of a startup of Cipher Browser which was working on development of the mobile browser and a digital wallet supporting Ethereum. The company plans to transfer many functions of new acquisition to own Toshi project, and the former head of Cipher, Peter Kim, will be a head of a technical department.

Toshi Dapp was announced in April 2017 as an Ethereum wallet, private messaging app, and a browser of Ethereum apps.

It is reported that the test network which will allow to investigate working capacity and functionality of the developed applications without the need of operations with cryptocurrencies, will become one of the first functions which will appear in Toshi after completion of merge.

Japan's largest online auction Yahoo Japan bought 40% stake in Tokyo's Bitrix

Investment into the BitARG cryptoexchange through Yahoo Japan subsidiary grants the companies the right for the minority equity stake. Management of 60% of the cryptoexchange remains at the majority shareholder, the parent company of the cryptoexchange, CMD Laboratories.

The amount of transaction was about 2-3 billion yens or 18-28 million dollars.

In the official press release, the BitARG company has stated that the cryptoexchange will use ‘expert knowledge of processes of service and safety of the Japanese Yahoo group which will allow to simplify preparation for start of exchange services […] and will improve operating activities after start’.

Nikkei Asian Review reported about the possible transaction last month. Also that Yahoo Japan plans to use BitARG technology for start of own cryptocurrency exchange in the 2019th year.

The Co-founder of Yahoo, Jerry Yang, in 2017 claimed that virtual currencies, such as bitcoin, will play a key role in the future of society. He even compared volatility and technology of bitcoin with ‘early days of the Internet’. Now it is clear that there are not only words but also the actions directed to promoting cryptocurrencies, which would attract a bigger number of investors to this market.

Bittwatt: ‘Costs are piling up and losses in the network are being incurred from slow and outdated workflows’

A new Blockchain platform is aiming to stamp out energy waste and misuse by designing a ‘simple, sustainable and scalable system’ which eliminates imbalances between supply and demand.

Valid solutions to today’s problems

Bittwatt project team

Let's get some more detail.

Bittwatt, the aggregator of smart contracts for producers, suppliers and consumers of the electric power, is using blockchain technology. Authors of the platform suggest to replace outdated, according to them, scheme of power market. With the help of ‘power wallet’ users will be able to use possibilities of capacities storage, buying and selling them with use of cryptocurrency. Such technique will lead to reduction of inefficiency of electricity use, creating more eco-friendly and steady perspective for the economic sector. Participants will have an opportunity to choose a source of consumption and at any time to change him on more profitable.

Now about currency and its start. 1 BWT (so is called project token) is equal to the cost of one kilowatt-hour of energy. In total 400 million coins will be produced by that step developers plan to attract 30 million dollars.

Now the 3rd phase of ICO is in run and will last until April 28.

The possibility for exchange BWT to other cryptocurrencies or fiat money is promised in November, 2019, and full integration of service prepares for 2022.

The idea of use of a blockchain for management of distribution of energy sounds is promising. The greatest benefit from participation in system (at her success) will be received, except other, miners of cryptocurrency with their long accounts for electricity.


3,992 USD


136.00 USD


59.70 USD


0.3078 USD

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