Golem Unlimited Demo Out

Golem Unlimited Demo Out

Golem publishes a video demonstration of Unlimited, a feature that allows nodes to create an internal trusted network for sharing computing power under their own policy

The Golem Project is an open-source distributed computing network running on the Ethereum blockchain. With Golem, anyone can rent or rent out computing power. Golem seeks to provide a computing platform for a wide range of fields such as computer graphics, big data analysis, machine learning, cryptography, DNA analysis, protein folding simulations and more.

According to the roadmap blog post, the Golem team has discovered a need for closed shared-power groups, as there seems to be a certain lack of trust between individual nodes. Rightfully so, as each acts as an independent market participant.

With Unlimited, Golem looks to address this need and adds a feature that allows for the creation of trusted networks with specially designed power-sharing policies and rules.

Unlimited is aimed to supplement Golem’s functionality with the wide range of features that trusted environments offer. The product introduces the possibility of joining nodes into trusted groups and run any calculations within these groups, according to each group policy.

from Golem’s roadmap blog post

Golem Unlimited is meant for medium- and large-scale setups with idle computing power like data centers and hardware-renting companies. Unlimited features a hub acting as a requestor and computers in the hub’s trusted network are providers. The shared processing power is made use of via a plugin installed on the requestor’s machine. In the video demonstration, we can see a mining plugin being used to mine ETH and XMR.

Watch the demonstration on Youtube:

… and the Golem Project promo video:

For more information, visit Golem website or read Golem whitepaper.


175.59 USD


69.23 USD

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