Governments Start To Recognize Crypto And Blockchain (Weekend Digest, Sept 29—30)

Governments Start To Recognize Crypto And Blockchain (Weekend Digest, Sept 29—30)

EOS is even more centralized than we thought, already having an established cartel, and Binance plans to launch its DEX at the beginning of 2019 — all in this weekend news digest


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Freewallet EOS Holders Saved Over $500,000 In 6 Months

Coinspeaker Freewallet EOS Holders Saved Over $500,000 In 6 MonthsIn November 2018 Freewallet announced the launch of their EOS Wallet. Now, after just half a year, the team has released analytics on the Freewallet EOS wallet. According to the analytics, Freewallet EOS holders have saved about $500,000 by using the Freewallet platform.The EOS system is free of transaction fees, but to create an EOS account and process any operations with it a user has to buy a certain amount of RAM, CPU, and NET. RAM is needed to sign new accounts, add data and store records on the EOS blockchain. CPU and NET are resources which correspond to the amount of processing power and network bandwidth that users are allowed to operate.RAM, CPU and NET have to be bought by users in order to create a EOS account. The price for all of them, enough to start out on the platform, varies from $2 to $20.Freewallet provides its users with free EOS account registration, allowing them to save on fees that normal users have to give for RAM, CPU and NET. The Freewallet Team took the average price, and analyzed the lot saved by Freewallet EOS holders by accessing the EOS system through our platform.Freewallet develops hosted wallets with built-in exchanges for the web, iOS, and Android devices, capable of holding Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Monero, EOS, and more than 100 other cryptocurrencies all in one place. In 2018, Freewallet was listed as the third most popular online wallet for Android. Freewallet’s first mobile cryptocurrency wallet was released for Android in January 2016.As of 2019, the Freewallet family has grown to include a Crypto Wallet for iOS, Android, and the web, Freewallet Lite Wallet, 9 single-currency wallets for iOS, and 21 single-currency wallets for Android.Freewallet EOS Holders Saved Over $500,000 In 6 Months

Sunday Blast! Bitcoin Price Surges Past $9300 Levels to Make a New High for 2019

Coinspeaker Sunday Blast! Bitcoin Price Surges Past $9300 Levels to Make a New High for 2019On Sunday, June 16, the Bitcoin bulls raged-in again as the world’s largest cryptocurrency surged past $9000 levels making a new high for the year. At the press time, Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at a price of $9219 with a market cap of $163 billion. As per CoinMarket, Bitcoin 24-hour trading volumes have moved past $23 billion.The Bitcoin rally started in April 2019 and since then Bitcoin has been constantly on the upward trajectory. While there have been healthy corrections in between, the bulls have kept the momentum going. Bitcoin (BTC) currently dominates 57% of the overall cryptocurrency market cap.Opinions By Crypto Experts and AnalystsCrypto experts and analysts have given different targets for Bitcoin this year. Speaking about the potential drivers for the Sunday rally, analysts have different assertions and reasons behind.Facebook’s Project Libra is likely to launch this week. Experts in the past have predicted that the arrival of Facebook’s native cryptocurrency GlobalCoin will act as a catalyst for Bitcoin. Barry Silbert, the founder of Digital currency Group tweeted about the same last Friday. He stated that Facebook’s GlobalCoin launch can considerably boost crypto adoption.The launch of Facebook's cryptocurrency will go down in history as THE catalyst that propelled digital assets (including bitcoin) to mass global consumer adoption. Will be remembered as just as important — and transformative — as the launch of the Netscape browserBuckle up— Barry Silbert (@barrysilbert) June 14, 2019 Chris Burniske, a partner at New York-based venture capitalist firm, Placeholder, thinks that Bitcoin acts as a hedge to the dropping Chinese Yuan price. Burniske expressed his views on Twitter in a series of tweets this Saturday, June 15.8/ Furthermore, the US's trade war with China, China's tightening of capital controls to limit funds fleeing the country, and a weakening yuan all added fuel to $BTC’s fire.— Chris Burniske (@cburniske) June 15, 20199/ Interestingly then, we have #bitcoin satiating appetite for risk in the West and much of the world, while simultaneously serving as a risk-off hedge in China.— Chris Burniske (@cburniske) June 15, 2019Bitcoin Has Over 1 Million Active AddressesIn yet another important milestone, Bitcoin has managed to cross 1 million active addresses last Saturday, June 15. It is for the second time that bitcoin has achieved this landmark, the first being in November 2017. The data from CoinMetrics notes that there are over a million daily active addresses (DAA) that are currently using Bitcoins.With one million addresses, it indicates that the Bitcoin adoption is significantly on the boost. Cryptocurrency analyst Kevin Rooke was the first to point out about this newly attained milestone. He spotted it when Bitcoin was trading around $9300 price yesterday with an average transaction fee of $3.23."nOboDY uSeS BiTcOin"🚀🚀🚀— Kevin Rooke (@kerooke) June 15, 2019On the other hand, data from suggests that the Bitcoin network hash rate has crossed 62 quadrillion hashes per second last Friday, June 14. The “hash rate” metrics indicates the miner’s performance and indicates the speed at which Bitcoin miners add new blocks to the network.Moreover, in a recently published op-ed piece by Bloomberg analyst Aaron Brown predicts that Bitcoin rally could be fuelled by the increasing strength of its fundamentals along with other global finance events.Brown states that the boom and the bust action for Bitcoin price won’t stop immediately. Moreover, Brown is bullish to the extent that if Bitcoin price action mirrors the bull run of 2017, it can go even as high anywhere between $60,000 to $400,000 followed by a sharp decline.Sunday Blast! Bitcoin Price Surges Past $9300 Levels to Make a New High for 2019

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