Grid+ Unveils Lattice1 Hardware Wallet

Grid+ Unveils Lattice1 Hardware Wallet

Grid+ gives the world a preview of Lattice1, a hardware wallet with capabilities that can manage cryptocurrencies and digital identities

According to Grid+, there are two crucial aspects needed to be dealt with before blockchain can achieve a wider adoption. The two aspects are scalability and usability. Lattice1 was built with this in mind. The device is said to be user-friendly, that even a non-technical client can use it with ease.

The hardware wallet is to be paired with the Grid+Pay mobile app, thus creating a hardware/software ecosystem.

Joseph Lubin hails Grid+, on Twitter, as an innovator in the blockchain industry; he also gives Lattice1 a shout-out.

Safe Cards

The use of Safe Card is one of the most essential properties of Lattice1. It is an offline, secure, and portable storage and restoration solution. Safe Cards are smart cards that act as an instrument for secure key management and account backup. A card slot is integrated in the hardware wallet that permits the user to switch between cards securely.

For those who are anticipating Lattice1, the expected time for the devices to be shipped out is in the first quarter of 2019.

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