How Long Will The Bear Market Last?

This week, the Redditors are actively discussing Vitalik Buterin (surprise!) and problems in accepting crypto, and are wondering whether Iran’s loans will end in favor of cryptocurrencies. And of course, all of them are waiting for the rates green. We've selected the most interesting points which can push you to thoughts.

Iran is inches away from launching a state cryptocurrency.
Bitcoin is not criminal money and the numbers from the DEA Show it
Four significant problems that merchants faced when accepting cryptocurrencies
V. Buterin considers the failure to raise the blocksize as worse than the MtGox hack for Bitcoin.

He didn't mention the costs for every payment processor, exchange, and mining pool that had to deal with extreme and random fluctuations in tx fees and confirmation times. It got so bad that BitPay had to stop all payment services below $100, some exchanges had to temporarily disable withdrawals, and mining pools had to offer altcoin payouts for people who were mining bitcoin.

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