How to Analyze an ICO?

The way to make a proper research of an ICO which is based on three key points such as team, product ,and ICO information. The article presents a detailed overview of these criteria.

As token sales remain to be a grey area for most legislatures, investor protection is severely lacking. This is why you should be most careful when choosing to fund an ICO. Much like in any other field, the quality of investor diligence turns out to be the make-it-or-break-it factor, and without proper research your investment is nothing more than a bet.

So, the world of ICOs is an uncharted territory for you but you are nevertheless eager to have skin in the game. Deciding whether a project deserves your hard-earned money — which you should, of course, be ready to lose —  is usually done against three criteria: the team, the product, and the ICO information.


An ICO is only as good as its team. You should be able to easily find the team profiles with sufficient information, photos, and links to their social media accounts. Look up the team members and see whether they were involved in similar projects and have appropriate experience and expertise. The number of developers is also a good indicator. The more people are working on the project, the bigger the chances of success are. Having an advisory board is also a good sign indicating a serious commitment to the project.


Before you invest in an ICO, you should be aware of what the project is all about. A whitepaper is a document, which gives essential information about the startup. A whitepaper should include such points as the value proposition, business model, use case scenarios, financial data, and specifics about the token sale.

A roadmap is another source of useful information. A roadmap describes what the company will be working on a year, three years and five years from now. It should specify important milestones and intermediary objectives. You should also be presented with information on how the project is planning to use the funds from the ICO.


All relevant information about the ICO needs to be easily accessible on the startup’s official website. You should have no problem finding when the ICO starts and ends, how you can participate, what currencies are accepted, and how much the token costs. Usually, websites have a countdown towards the start (if it has not yet started) or the end of the ICO.

A properly-functioning website with good UI indicates that the creators are passionate about the project and want everything about it to be as good as possible. The website may show a video presentation, by which you can evaluate the care and attention that has been put into the project. If the video features the team members talking about and explaining their idea, it is always a plus. Pay close attention to how the company markets itself on social media: read their twitter feed and articles on Medium. Do not shy away from going on forums such as Reddit and Bitcointalk and asking the community about how they feel about the project.

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Purpose-driven brands are proliferating alongside the expansion of ecommerce and becoming increasingly popular with consumers. A recent study by Accenture highlighted that 63% of consumers prefer to purchase products from a brand that stand for a mission or purpose that resonates with them. Purpose-driven brands are defined as those that consistently place the “why” in their communication and advertising efforts.While the distinction between purpose-driven, sustainable, organic, and other similar terms is not always clear, an easy way to tell if a brand is purpose-driven is that it places an either altruistic or otherwise not commercial goal prominently on its website. Being purpose-driven can manifest itself in the form of a particular mission or in the consistent (not one-time promotional) commitment to donate proceeds, goods, or services to a specific cause in connection with a purchase.Brex analyzed the ecommerce businesses using its credit card and split them into two categories — those highlighting a non-commercial purpose on their primary website and those not doing so. The first group, purpose-driven brands, spent an average of 8% of their monthly sales on advertising and marketing expenses such as online ads, print ads, and outdoor advertising. The second group, those not highlighting a specific purpose on their websites, spent 3x more, with an average of 24% of their monthly sales on advertising and marketing.While correlation does not necessarily equal causation, the marked difference in advertising does suggest that purpose-driven brands are seeing a considerable ROI for the efforts they drive into highlighting the purpose of their brand. Potential drivers of this could be enhanced word-of-mouth, referral and press — each a largely free avenue for customer growth — taking the place of paid marketing channels.Interestingly, purpose-driven brands are common across all areas of ecommerce. According to Brex data, the top three most popular types of ecommerce brands to be purpose-driven are Food & Beverage, followed by Accessories and Home & Furniture. Interestingly, Pet Care has among the fewest purpose-driven brands, despite the high emotional attachment people often maintain with their pets.Purpose-Driven Brands See a 3x Return on Investment was originally published in Hacker Noon on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Investment & Securities Industry Almanac, 2019: Market Research, Statistics, Trends and Leading Companies -

The "Investment & Securities Industry Almanac 2019: Investment & Securities Industry Market Research, Statistics, Trends and Leading Companies" book from Plunkett Research Ltd has been added to's offering. This research lists the top 350 companies in Investment & Securities and names the top trends changing the industry for the mid-term. A complete market research report, including forecasts and market estimates, technologies analysis and developments at innovative firms. You will gain vital insights that can help you shape your own strategy for business development, product development and investments. Key Features Industry trends analysis, market data and competitive intelligence Market forecasts and Industry Statistics Industry Associations and Professional Societies List In-Depth Profiles of hundreds of leading companies Industry Glossary Link to our 5-minute video overview of this industry Statistical Tables Provided: 16 Companies Profiled: 359 Key Questions Answered How is the industry evolving? How is the industry being shaped by new technologies? How is demand growing in emerging markets and mature economies? What is the size of the market now and in the future? What are the financial results of the leading companies? What are the names and titles of top executives? What are the top companies and what are their revenues? Key Topics Covered Introduction How to Use This Book Chapter 1: Major Trends in the Investment & Securities Industry Investment & Securities Industry Overview Basel III, Dodd-Frank Act and Volcker Act Increase Regulation/European Solvency II and MiFID 2 Take Effect Shadow Banking Soars with Non-Bank Alternatives, Online or Peer-to-Peer Lending and Crowdfunding Investment Market Evolves in China Aging Populations, Baby Boomers Create Opportunities/U.S. Pension Accounts Top $28.3 Trillion Employers Make 401(k) Enrollment Automatic/Broad Changes Are Suggested for Retirement Savings Plans Investment Firms and Banks Compete for Clients in High Net Worth Households ETFs Expand and Take Market Share from Mutual Funds/Mutual Fund ...Full story available on

Kintaro Capital Receives License from Malta Financial Services Authority as a Private Investment Crypto Fund

Coinspeaker Kintaro Capital Receives License from Malta Financial Services Authority as a Private Investment Crypto FundCryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum (and other altcoins) continue to make headlines and attract new investments, but they are still considered high risk and are speculative at best. That’s because cryptocurrency is only a decade old at this point, and is not (by its nature) backed by any government like fiat currency is. This makes it a new industry in a highly unregulated space, and that creates risk.But that doesn’t mean you can’t make a lot of money with cryptocurrency? Many people do and it’s the potential to make a lot of money quickly that is attracting investment fund investors. Kintaro Capital are one of them.Kintaro Capital is actually one of the first EU crypto funds who received their license from the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), licensing it as a Private Investment Fund (PIF) for cryptocurrencies and listed equities.The licence allows Kintaro clients to invest in strategic alternatives to fiat based instruments. Malta complies with all EU financial and regulatory laws governing investor protection and financial instruments, pointed out a press release from the company.They said that Kintaro’s ‘Digital Innovation Fund’ will invest in a portfolio of selective crypto-assets and exchange-listed equities.Malta as the World-Renowned Innovative Financial CentreMalta recently came to an ideal position to be a not only a European but why not, also a world-renowned innovative financial center. Having cryptocurrency investment funds would allow investors to gain exposure whilst being in a regulated environment.To a certain degree, having a regulated structure would give investors peace of mind that the parties involved in the daily running of the operations are regulated and subject to prudential regulatory requirements.The fund could be structured to have various objectives, such as combined capital for mining equipment, or to gain direct exposure to cryptocurrencies or both. Such types of funds would be a high yield investment program which would combine high risk and high reward.Cryptocurrency investment funds are the next generation of collective investment schemes. Now is the right time to discuss how such structures can be implemented.Dr. Mervyn Maistry. CEO & Founder, Konfidio and Kintaro Capital said:“We’re thrilled to be one of the first crypto funds licensed by an EU Financial Services Authority, with explicit investor protection. Our thorough approach to building a team with over 100 years of investment research and portfolio management experience has paid off.Kintaro Capital is uniquely placed to service the investment needs of long term future thinking investors.”Kintaro Capital leverages three years of crypto-economic experience. Through their token research and data analytics expertise, the fund targets high yields in the blockchain sector. The fund is administered by SGGG Fexserv Fund Services (Malta) Ltd., responsible for the administration of over 220 alternative strategy funds, together with Fexserv Financial Services, a leading company in the financial services industry.Their investment committee consists of arguably the most experienced team in the space; a mix of traditional hedge fund managers, FX and fixed income managers, experienced VCs and early blockchain adopters.With Mervyn Maistry as the Chairman of the fund,there is also a prominent Board member, Mr. Brendan Robertson who lends the fund his impressive background as Head of Portfolio Solutions at Kieger AG. With 20 years of experience in asset management, Brendan has a proven track record of sound investment practice and strategy.As part of the Konfidio family, Kintaro utilizes the venture studio’s position within the Berlin ecosystem. Konfidio’s work for governments and Fortune 500 companies adds to the blockchain knowledge base of the fund. Their Token Advisory LLC practice provides additional insight into regulated crypto fundraising.Kintaro’s ‘Digital Innovation Fund’ will invest in a portfolio of selective crypto-assets and exchange-listed equities. The fund can accept up to €100,000,000, and is targeting €10,000,000 in 2019. It’s open to Qualified Investors under the MFSA PIF regime with the minimum investment threshold of €100,000 or equivalent.Kintaro Capital Receives License from Malta Financial Services Authority as a Private Investment Crypto Fund

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