HTC Exodus could become a new kind of shovel if we lived in the California Gold Rush era

HTC Exodus could become a new kind of shovel if we lived in the California Gold Rush era

The first blockchain-powered smartphone, HTC Exodus, will support Lightning Network natively. It’s scheduled to be launched in Q3 2018, and also will include support for BTC, LTC and ETH payments

It's going to happen very soon, the launch of the first blockchain smartphone. For many years, HTC sales have been in decline, and maybe this smartphone will help them to somehow improve the situation. Levi Straus said 'Who got rich during the California gold rush era? Answer: The people who sold the miners and other gold rush followers the tools and supplies they needed'. This cell phone is a new kind of shovel. Anyway, it can be of interest to blockchain enthusiasts, it's a fully functional cell phone with cold storage, and its actual popularity would probably depend on its security. Will it be hard to hack it?

Overall, it looks good enough to buy it. Support for BTC, LTC and ETH, no hype coins yet, only the most reliable ones. Lightning Network will provide an actual usability for this phone. Many cell phones use the ApplePay or Samsung Pay technology, but the blockchain phone must incorporate something equally easy to be used as a payment app. And Lightning Network is an ideal candidate for micropayments. The only thing that is needed — Lightning Network channels, opened by merchants, but that's the other side of the coin, we need both.

That's similar to Status, an Ethereum project that promotes the adoption of Ethereum on mobile phones, providing a mobile browser and a messenger, available on both Android and iOS, and allowing to use, store, and send any Ethereum-based assets. It's not a phone, instead, it's a useful solution that can be incorporated into any mobile system to supplement it. Given that HTC is likely to install Android OS on its blockchain devices, looks like a good opportunity for a partnership?

And it's worth a mention that they got Charlie Lee as an advisor! For sure, Charlie will help HTC release a working product, that will have some interesting features, and will have a practical usability, aside from the word 'blockchain', stamped on it.

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